Sunday, July 27, 2008

~Busy weekend, But FUN!~

Well, as you can see I already scrapped a page for our Chattanooga Train trip! And how fun it was! I loved riding on the old steam train and the boys LOVED IT!
I was so tired when we got home! It was a LONG day! Almost 2 hours each way.

Today I am going to see MAMMA MIA

And Treasured Scrapbooking is in the middle of a crop so I am missing half of that....but scrapping second...LIFE FIRST!
Don't want to miss life because I am scrapping LOL

Will post more Layouts tomorrow, I did some real fun ones Friday Night! I love Scrapbooking!


Holly said...

I absolutely love the black and white picture. It's great. And the page you did is really neat. Is that a stamp around the outside?

Tona said...

Another great page & I agree Life First, Scrapping 2nd!
Glad you & your family had such a great time.

Jenster said...

I love the photos, especially your "glamour shot."

Hope you enjoy Mamma Mia. I went with a girlfriend last week and we had a blast! It's not a movie that will change your life or reap any film awards, but I thought it was fun, fun, fun.

RitaS said...

How fun! We love going on train rides too! Love the pic of your soon out the window - sepia tone works wonderfully with it!

RitaS said...

We love train rides too! Love the sepia tone of your son out the train window - super pic!

Cassie said...

That train looks like so much fun.
Hope you enjoyed Mama Mia. I saw the live show in Vegas and thought it was great!

Bree/Reilly said...

That train looked like so much fun, I wish we had done that when we went to Chattanooga instead of going to see the Chattanooga choo choo - that was rather a disappointment and not easy to find or get too being tucked away behind that hotel! Love the page you did.

KarenB said...

love those pics and wow, look at that LO!!! Great work!!!

Maureen said...

I love seeing your layouts. Looks like you had a wonderful time. My youngest would love to do something like that once. He does model train shows with my FIL.

Glad you had a good time