Friday, July 18, 2008

~Alabama Here I come~

~Create Like no one is LOOKING!~
I saw that one someone's blog today and BOY isn't that the TRUTH! Just do it for You and your family!! Make it REALLY COUNT!

Well, I am pretty excited today! #1 The Heidi Grace Stamps Contest is on it's last day and tomorrow I draw a WINNER!!! woot woot! How exciting! There have been so many entries!

And #2 I am going ot ALABAMA on Sunday to meet some of the ONLINE Scrappin buddies I have been chatting with for so long!

And this time I promise to bring my camera!

I sort of had a weird day gf was feeling blue and people get so petty and jealous it's not even this pick me up was just what I needed!
Meeting some awesome KIND Scrapbookers who are super cool! And having some fun lunchtime chatting and sharing the love of crafting! If your going to be near or around Huntsville/Athens, give a girl a holla!

Some of the Just Scrappin' Girls will be there! Plus some super cool Fiskateers! AND some of the SAS girls! It will be a scrappin' Parrrrtttaaayyy!!! woot woot!


RobinDiane said...

Have fun on Sunday. I know you will have a great time.

Anonymous said...

WOOOHOOO Cristal , i hope you have a blast !! I was actually supposed to go to Alabama ( from NJ ) but that got deep sixed, too much going on .
Hey, funnyness, i saw something in your side bar, wondering if we had a similar 'issue' , were you perhaps banned from someplace ?! LOL ....
And WOOOOHOOOO on the Thickers purchase !! Sorry we enabled your bank account to empty itself !! Mine does the same thing often, im outta control i tell ya !!

Well have a great weekend :)
Jenn :)

Southern Plate said...

You came to ALABAMA??????????????
What part???????
I hope you had a great time and got some good food while you were here!!!!!!