Monday, July 14, 2008

~Look MOM I have Hair Too~

After a long week of being sick, I am feeling better but the keikis are all very ill still!
So I snuck away from the wheezing and sniffling this morning and made this Layout.
Last week my 4 yr old put a rag on his head and kept saying "LOOK MOM HAIR" I think he is jealous of my hair since we shave their heads most of the summer due to heat and their sweating.
I am sorry but 4 men in the house....You just shave them heads! Maybe when they are older they will want long hair but for convenience sake....CLIPPER time as long as I am able to run things!
Have a happy Monday~ Cristal~

Oh I will be working on my blog today, I was ready for a change so my links will be half gone today until I fix it all! Don't worry I saved it, its just getting it all back that will take a day or two!


TraceyT said...

That LO is just adorable!! Too cute.

chelemom said...

What a cutie pie!!! Love the LO!

KarenB said...

That is just way too cute!!! Love the new look of the blog too!!!

Holly said...

I love the changes on your blog! Cute page, love the attempt at "hair"

Bree said...

That is a great layout - and wooooo hoooo look at the new backgound!!!!

Dana said...

thanks for you warm wishes on SYC..hope to play with you soon. p.s. your hair rocks!!! Dana