Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just One BITE! *please*

Gosh, we were having one of those tired days last week where Gage refused to eat anything I set out unless it was PB Sandwich or Chocolate MILK! Andrew wasn't helping any so I sat him down to just TRY One BITE that is all!!! Usually he just does it but for some reason this noodle was going to kill him or attack his face!!!
He is so adorable when he is dying of one noodle and mom being so mean!
Just one bite baby!


Latharia said...

LOL...such a meanie! :D

Jenster said...

It's adorable!

When a grown-up Gage complains one of these days about his own kids not eating, you will definitely have to whip out this page and show it to him as a reminder that what comes around, goes around!