Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I do love altering CD and making them into Cards! I Just LOVE it!
So I did yet another Hawaiian card today for a friend in the Hawaii forum I play in.
*shhhhh* its a surprise LOL But I think it turned out really cute!!!
I just love making these cards, I think I smile the entire time!!!


KarenB said...

Love checking out your CD cards - I have a CD sitting here with a pic of my hubby and son that I want to get done but it just doesn't seem to get done.....LOL. Keep up the great work!!!

Kimmy said...

Wellll hello, no wonder you like making them so much, you rock at this!

Lisa said...

And cute cards they are. I am going to have try this, I have a ton of old AOL cds.

Cat said...

I swear I thought I commented on this! You are so good at this! Keep up the awesome work! I LOVE my owl card!