Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Crate Paper Desktop Caddy

I finally sat down and made this desktop Caddy lastnight.
I think that it would make a really cool gift with candies in it!
Its holds ALOT! Maybe even cookies or something would be good!
It was easier than expected once I changed the directions a bit! LOL
Its pretty sturdy too!

Here it is full of stuff so you can see how much it really holds.


Cat said...

Seriously pretty paper! And it really does hold a lot, huh? Sure looks like it! Wouldn't that be a pretty centerpiece at a shower or something with covered almonds, pastels and something else in the slots? Ooooh, the possibilites!

JoEllyn said...

Holy cow girl!!! That thing's awesome!!!

Jana said...

I really like how you decorated it! I learned how to make one of these at a crop last year.

KarenB said...

that is too cute!!! love the paper and it sure holds a lot!!! I agree with Cat - it would make a darling centerpiece for a shower or something!!! I may have to lift this - I have a wedding I'm going to be coordinating soon w/a reception/bridal shower and this would be awesome!!!!