Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cheap me! Garbage letters!

So I just do NOT have the moolah some scrappers have to spend every week! I have 3 boys who take my moolah and flush it down the toilet for me! LOL
But I did manage to buy a Sizzix and I love it! I also managed to buy ONE alphabet set on clearance!
SO.....I was reading one day about how to make your own GHOST letters, you know like those rockin's Heidi Swapp letters that cost 3 arms and a foot?!

Guess what?? It works! Now you do have to use some strong packaging.

But I took old plastic packing....from a scrapbooking kit no less! The kind that you want to blow up because you can't open it unless you have a pair of garden sheers and a welding torch??!

Once you open your package without breaking your fingers or precious Heidi Grace Fiskars Scissors!! You find the nice clear smooth pieces and slide them right through the sizzix!
Now it won't work on Sizzlets of course. Or those thin Cuttlebug letters. But it works on the regular dies! And what can I say? I am THRILLED!!!
Hey its FREE and it would have been garbage!

Give it a go!! Anyone want to trade fonts with me?? BWHahahaha!!!


KarenB said...

Check out the local thrift store too girl - they sometimes sell half used packages of transparency film and you can use that too!!! I got a package at my local store a few weeks ago for less than a buck and it looked like only 2 or 3 pieces were missing!!! I'll get a list of what fonts I have to ya too in case you want any of those!!! Thanks for popping this up here - I forget about my Sizzix fonts half the time!!!

Lisa said...

You are so clever, thanks for sharing that is a wonderful idea!