Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cards and the Pink Gowgirl

I sure do love the new Crate Paper lines,
These are some of the cards I make for the new members of JS.
I think it adds a nice personal touch.
Plus its just part of being me.
I love making cards and never have enough people to send them too anyways LOL
The first one is supposed to be published in JUNE!
But I have to send it in so I am making a duplicate.
I think card making has become a first love for me, I love scrapping but the cards,
I love them cards! Yea for scrapping and crafts!

*on a side note*

Well folks, looks like I will be trading in my 7 inch brim pink sun hat
for a pink cowgirl hat!
We are finally making it to Tennessee, our goal for 3 years now.
5 years in the process! It looks like Nashville, TN is the winner!
We leave in 3 weeks, I am more than thrilled I am finally going to be in a real home and have a real country life for the boys I cannot think of anything better.


Big Cute Beach Girl said...

omg, please move to franklin. we can scrapbook together....that will be so much fun and chandler needs some new playmates and i need some new shirts....i can't wait till you get here.

jonaks said...

congrats. love your cards and that pink hat. of course I'mj also a pink person.

Lisa said...

I am so happy for you. You will love Nashville...it's a great place to live.