Tuesday, January 10, 2012

~Kids Crafts-Laminating Fun~

Good morning my crafty friends....

I had a fun project this weekend with my boys, well my one boy LOL
He came to me Sunday and said "Mom I have a project due, we need to
go to the store and get poster board and go get it laminated and I need clovers too"
HUH?? LOL Really?? I just had oral surgery kid LOL

Thankfully I had my handy dandy laminator from Purple Cows,
And the extra long 20" laminating sheets, along with some sturdy cardstock.
I was tickled pink about it because it meant I could stay home.
I grabbed my Purple Cows Laminator, Purple Cows trimmer,
green cardstock, laminating sheets, crayons and markers
and let him go crazy.
Pretty cute right???! :)
Anyways it was a lifesaver, totally handy to have one on hand
especially if you are a teacher or have kids.

Now....COME BACK TOMORROW! I have a special blog hop
and 2 projects to share...also Thursday I have 2 projects to share.



Drayia said...

LOL love how kids wait until the last minute to tell you about some project needing supplies that is due tomorrow. Looks good and its great that mom has the BEST tools!

Colleen said...

A 4-H poster, but how is that for school? Around here 4-H is not run through the school systems. My family however is very big on 4-H, we have 4 generations already.

Ziggyeor said...

Colleen the 4-H comes on certain dates and usually to the 4th graders. I subbed last year and sometimes got to watch them do their 4-H projects.

Cute project Pinky. Got to start asking them to see those agendas and if there's any big projects coming up! LOL. Have fun and feel better.

Kelly Sas said...

Please tell your son I think he did an awesome job designing and coloring his poster. Talent runs in the family I see!

Dawnll - Dawn's Craft Place said...

Super Mom to the rescue!lol
I love this laminator and want to try one-especially since you shared this project.
I need some wipe off calendars-this would be perfect.
Hope your healing fast sweetie

Angi said...

Fabulous work! Love those adorable socks. :)

Joy said...

Two really differnt but great layouts. I love the socks, so funny and cute!