Thursday, January 26, 2012

~More New Releases, LOVE, HOPE, FAITH~

Good morning my wonderful and amazing crafty friends,

I have a project to share today with more new releases from
Clear Scraps! :) The mini expressions LOVE, HOPE & FAITH.
I LOVE them!!!! I coated them in Glitter Glass by Viva Decor
(just like the pearl pens) and added some pearl pen too.
I made it messy with my fingers because I wanted a stained glass ripple
effect. I love the end results! Then I used Kanban papers
behind the acrylic, and stamped the front.
Then a touch of grandma's vintage lace and that was it!
Alot of drying time but it was so worth it. When it comes back from CHA
I am hanging it in the middle of my living-room.
Ok not the middle but you get the idea.
My motto for the year is ALWAYS Love, KEEP Hope, ENDURING Faith.
Because life goes up and down but there is always a light at the end.

I had a perfectly lovely lunch with Hayley, Jennifer & Shauna
yesterday and we planned another get together with the kids.
Such a great time. We went to the quaintest restaurant called
It was food just like I cook at home! LOL It was really fun,
I wish all restaurants were like that.
We had the baby girls with us and we all had fun.
I think every senior citizen in the place stopped by and touched
the girls hands and hair, it was so cute. Must have took them 20
minutes to leave LOL If you ever get to TN stop by Miller's!
~Good Times, Little Life Nuggets Of Love~



Ziggyeor said...

Awesome sign.

I'm glad you had fun at the grocery. It's been a while since we went up there with the Miata Club but it was good food and a nice drive.

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OHHHH! What a beautiful project--those orange hues are GORGEOUS with that black lace detail. I will have to get some of those pearl pens--AMAZING!

So glad you had a great time with your friends--and I LOVE your motto! Def. need to write that down!

Cindy Gay said...

Very nice!