Sunday, January 22, 2012

~Crazy Fun Saturday Full Of Crafting!~

Good morning!!!!!

Saturday....oh Saturday...what did I spend Saturday doing you ask??
Well let me tell ya! haha

My friend Jennifer, who is an amazingly OCD organizational
guru came over and I made her 26 (yes 26) Teacup Bridal Invitations!
Aren't they adorable??!! :)
I used a Cricut cartridge and the Pink Paislee Butterfly Garden collection
, I added my own vintage lace, and Momenta gold paper.
I also added pearls...and I LOVE THEM!!!!!!
Jenn knew what she wanted, I just kind of spruced them up
in my own way. I actually had so much fun making them.
Anyways while I handmade these cards, her little cutie pie
son played with my boys and SHE cleaned my craft room!! :)
Actually she helped me get on the way to organization land!
I just need to add shelves and curtain rods for my punches.
It was by far the best trade EVER! LOL Also my friend Melissa
came over and helped and we had a wonderful visit all day.
Aren't these teacup invites tooooooo toooo cute??! Oh I love them!
I made a couple mistakes and the ones I messed up
I used a flower to cover. I wish I had 26 Prima flowers
but I did not so the pearls worked :)
After Jenn left we headed to our friends and had a lively game of
Spades and some awesome White was so much fun
I swear the moon must have been full last night, we laughed and
we all just crazy, it has been that kind of week I tell you what! LOL

Here is Andrew....thinking about those cards LOL
I spent one day sick in bed, everyone had sick kids, my teenager missed his bus.
It was time for some fun with friends. Made the whole week worth it!
Plus I got to catch up on Sons Of Anarchy on my sick day...
Happy Sunday my friends. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡



Dawn's Craft Place said...

What a fun invite idea! love the layering and papers.
Sounds like a good trade for getting organized.
I would love to come and organize you-I am definitely "over" organized.
Have a great weekend

Nitasha said...

Beautiful invites, Pinky! And how awesome that each one is unique! You are a rockstar of a friend!

Ziggyeor said...

yup it was fun "Oh that's where that was?" and we found the hidden cache of hair ties! It was about like cleaning up after the ferret took off with stuff :)

Myrna said...

These are wonderful. Love the individuality of them.