Tuesday, August 24, 2010

~Stamp Happy Tuesday~

Good morning to all my crafty friends in crafty-land.
Hope your Tuesday is going well!

I spent yesterday crafting a little
but not my typical crafting.
Ever since I met Katie Cotton and she gave me some of her
amazing Paper Makeup stamps, I have been dying to delve
into stamping. I am not your every day stampin' gal.

I decided yesterday to try some mediums in my stamping
and see how I liked it.
I don't know if it looks weird or good? LOL
But in person it's quite pretty.
First I stamped the image, then I took and embossing
ink pen and embossed her hair with an ocean blue
heat embossing powder. Then I added VIVA Decor copper
to her barrettes, then I Smooch Spritz the whole thing
in gold and blue, then I colored it in with Copics.
After that I took my sewing machine and stitched along
the strands of her hair, and coated it with a crackle medium.
Then I coated it with an antique glaze and mounted it on this card.

Now...what am I going to do with it?? LOL
Is it card worthy? I am not sure.
Any ideas for me?? It was alot of work/fun. I hate to see it
sit in my drawer. I was thinking maybe a card? Not sure.

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Ok I am off to get these boys ready for school.
I woke up early and packed lunches but man I have a migraine.
Time to get a hot breakfast made and wake em up with kisses!

~Have a great day y'all~
~ thank YOU for popping by and saying hey~


Nicole Laird said...

I think it looks pretty darned cool!! And I think it's too good to be a card... hmmmm... Frame it maybe?

Colleen said...

I think it is kind of cool and would look good on a card or a layout.

Must tell you that I love your attitude, even though you have a migrane so are planning to wake up the boys with kisses. I wish I could get that keep going with a smile no matter what across to my students. They will shut down and take off two days for the dumbest reasons.

Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

looks pretty cool I would use it on a card...to neat to sit in a draw!

Manhattan Mandie said...

That's pretty awesome! Do a shadowbox or collage based on it... it's sooooo gorgeous!

Amy aka: ropergirl3 said...

I think that is great! Reminds me of something antique, but I am shocked it isn't pink! LOL

Kelly Sas said...

Sorry you have a migrane. My adult daughter suffers from those also - ever since she was 3 years old. I think this is pretty cool and I would use it on a card.

Dawn said...

How about making something like this with it?
The Tut:

Here is her Finished artwork:

I think it's a really cute idea and it's all made from paper! :)

Katie Cotton said...

how fun! What a different take on the stamps, i think it's beautiful!

Kristie Maynard said...

I think she is gorgeous. You could use it on a card, but where ever she goes, she should be treated special. Maybe put into a shadow box frame, that's what I'd do if I got her. She is a work of art! Just beautiful!

laterg8r said...

love her crackled look :D