Friday, August 13, 2010

~It's FRIDAY Let's Rock & Roll! *Stamp Winner*~

HAPPY FRIDAY, Friday the 13th even! OOOooo
My poor baby boy was sick yesterday so
it put a halt to any crafting for Thursday.

Remember those pictures I took of my feet? LOL
I finally found a use for them! WOOT!

I was playing at Tally Scrappers,
because I wanted to win a kit for my girlfriend.
The challenge was to make an 8.5X11 LOUse safety pins, make it rock & roll, and use cardboard,
oh and use song lyrics. I used some of them because
they are pretty graphic. I will post them at the end of the page
and try to blur out the one itty bitty cuss word.I love Eminem *don't shoot me* hehe
I feel like he is the modern day voice for many
abused children so I relate to his music
in a weird way. I am not as crude as he is but
it speaks to my heart and I cry for him and others.
So I used his song "Beautiful" that says
"Come walk a mile in my shoes"
I wanted to make it ROCK so I used denim and metal
and some old almost dried out silver paint.
I rubbed it on with my fingers all over the title and
everywhere, it looks pretty cool in person.
Journaling:*All lyrics just chopped up to fit the page*
In my shoes, just to see What it's like, to be me I'll be you, let's trade shoes. Just to see what it'd be like to feel your pain, you feel mine Go inside each others' minds Just to see what we'd find look at life through each others' eyes I'm not looking for extra attention I just wanna be just like you Blend in with the rest of the room Nobody asked for life to deal us With these b**sh** hands we're dealt We gotta take these cards ourselves and flip 'em, don't expect no help Now I could've either just sat on my ass and pissed and moaned Or take this situation in which I'm placed in and get up and get my own
But I already told you my whole life story not just based on my description 'Cause where you see it, from where you're sittin It's probably 110% different I guess we would have to walk a mile In each others shoes.

OK on to the amazing Paper Makeup Stamps WINNER(S)
OpenID nezuchan said...

Wow, fantastic news!
You deserve this -- you are so talented!

Love the stamps. So many lovely ones there, but the sweetheart robot is just too much. I'm thinking I may have to get that for next year's Valentine card for my hubby. (Geek luv, :sigh:)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

AND the second winner is...

Blogger Chris C said...

Congrats on making the DT - another site I will have to add to my watch list.
I popped a message over on the papermakeupstamps blog.
Thanks for sharing your goodies with us.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

PLEASE email me your addy's ladies,
or Facebook message it, or wherever I might be message me :)

Don't forget these amazing sponsors for the prizes!
I am truly overwhelmed by Katie's sweet
nature and generosity! These are my kind of people!
You still have time to enter the UNIBIND Giveaway!

~Have a great Friday~
~Thank YOU for popping by~


Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

Congrats ladies! Great lo Pinky!

Dawn said...

Awesome layout! I looooooooove the look of the almost dried out paint! TOO COOL! Contgrats to the winners :) WOOT!

Manhattan Mandie said...

Happy Friday the 13th! Love that layout! I'm an Eminem fan too :) All of the details of you layout are so amazing! You are one uber-talented woman!

Nicole Laird said...

You rocked my challenge!! I just love that layout!! And I do love me some Eminem...most of the time...and much more than Kenny Rogers!! lol (Kenny Rogers??)

Love ya pretty lady!! Hope ya'll are feeling better today!

LollyChops said...

Hi there! I saw you at CHA but I am shy and did not say hello! So here I am saying hello! I love your work and your blog!

Have a fun weekend!


Christine said...

You layout ROCKS! I completely concur with Emenem (spelled right?)

Fabulous and thank you for sharing you always inspire me, its great to know I have not traveled this road alone and that life does get better!



Dawn said...

Congrats Ladies, they must be over the top excited!!!

Anonymous said...

Way cool layout -- love the raw emotion and the roughness of it, the way it clicks with the lyrics. I will have to listen closer next time I hear some Eminem.

Thanks so much for picking me for the stamp giveaway, too. So looking forward to using them!

Chris C said...

I love the use of safety pins and the mesh - great layout again Pinky.

mommamikki said...

Congrats girls!Have fun with the binding!~

Kim. said...

Great layout and congratulations to both the winners.
Kim xXx