Monday, August 16, 2010

~It's Monday and I am back! WINNER and more info on TV spot :)~

Good morning!
I had to break myself from the blog this weekend
not by choice but I had 4 VERY sick
boys/men in my house this weekend.

I did manage to sneak away and get
a new top for my TV spot on Tuesday.
I know some of you have asked and here is the info.
It will be online as well so everyone can see if I look like a fool LOL

Tuesday Midday Live
It says Scrappin' with Scrapbook Village, that's me.
I know it's not national but it should be fun and it's my first TV spot.
If you want to know why I am sharing this is the layout we are going to make
IF you happen to be in Kentucky on the 21st
I will be teaching at Scrapbook Village
and yes there will be GIVEAWAYS! :)
And this is the card as well.
Basically I wanted to share a simple card and layout,
so you can play with the new i-rock tool! :)
Plus I wanted to make sure everyone who took the
10.00 class went home with a layout AND a card!

Now I THINK I am coming to the end of my
giveaways, I also think the postman is sick of me! LOL

I have a stack of COLORBOX inks here
and the winner is...
Blogger ruth said...

Thanks for sharing your layouts & them!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Please email or Facebook, or message me somewhere
and I will get these in the mail for ya!
I do have some more giveaways coming up
because we NEED to celebrate hitting 700 followers!

Don't think I didn't notice *wink*
I have some Tim Holtz goodies to give away and
some other pretty crafty things.

By the way I happened to drop into
Michaels on the way home from meeting
Marci Knetch this week and guess what I happen to find?

A Time Holtz Texture Hammer
for 3.99!!! YES 3,99!!!! What????
I have no clue if I will ever use it
but who cares for 3.99!!!!
I will learn to use it!

OK off to create and get ready to head off
to TV land tomorrow. I have so much to
do to get ready including packing up all the samples!

~Happy Monday y'all~


StampinCathy said...

The layout and card are fabulous. Great colors and love the bling too. Congrats to the winner. Oh Pinky, I received my fun bag the other day and love it!

Scrapfaire said...

Oh Pinky, I think you'll love this little hammer! Especially if you're having a stressful day LOL!

Bernice said...

More giveaways! Aren't you lovely

Amy aka: ropergirl3 said...

Well I think the TV thing should be fun! Good luck!
Congrats to Ruth!!!

Dot said...

Enjoy your TV time and hope there is more of it to come!!

Scrapthat said...

what a steal!
Happy hammering! :)

Manhattan Mandie said...

Oh my gosh! I love finding amazing deals like that at Michaels! I got a Fiskars Craft Drill for $4 and a foam/cardstock/whatever cutter for $5! I'll have to look and see if they have that texture hammer buried somewhere in my store, LOL! Have fun on your TV spot! I can't wait to watch it on-line :) Have fun!!!

Helen said...

Love both of these! You are not going to look like a fool :-)

Dawn said...

Your layout and card are fab! Good luck on tv! How exciting!!

sandyh50 said...

I am so glad your 4 guys are over their sickness, now you stay healthy! I love the celebrate layout, that is a fun one.

Debbie H said...

Congrats on your TV spot, I'll be sure to watch!

Dawn said...

Excited to see your TV spot, you will be spectacular and marvelous darlin!
Hope everyone is feeling better soon.
Congrats to the winner also.

ShoppingTamii said...

gosh, I bought one of those a while ago and haven't used it...if you do, please show us what you make :)

Nicole Laird said...

Good luck with your tv spot!! You're gonna be awesome!! :0)

Congrats, Ruth!!

Tona said...

How exciting that you're going to be on TV! WTG!!!

Jessica said...

Hey Pinky,good luck on your tv spot. I know you'll be great. I remember my first tv spot. It too was local tv and I was about 14. My task, was to control 4 dogs. While my Aunt Sue was interviewed about her kennel. There were several shots of ........... my
legs! lol and I had a new outfit too! oh well it was fun anyway.

Catherine said...

Can't wait to check out your TV spot. I so love checking in on your blog - you are honest and real and FUN!!!

Chris C said...

Have fun with your TV appearance.

Kelly Sas said...

Happy Monday Pinky! Guess what I got today???? Finally my i-Rock! I was #20 on the waiting list at my Archivers and they called saying they have one for me...after only 3 weeks of waiting on the list! I could help but think of you cuz you were the first one I saw go crazy over it and demo it. So funny that you are like me... can't pass up a GREAT deal and purchase something because of it. I would have gotten the Tim Holtz hammer too! Best wishes on your TV spot.. how exciting! Someday when you are famous I will get to say, "I knew her when...!" LOL Just remember us little people! LOL

Maureen said...

That's a cute simple card. Looks like a great find at Micheal's been thinking about getting that tool. If I find it at that price I will have not problem. Lol. Good luck on your TV spot tomorrow

deb famularo said...

oh wow Pinky, a HUGE congrats on the tv spot! I'm so excited for you!No one deserves it more!! xOxO

Kray said...

These are great! I am on my way to watch the video!

Nanabells said...

You are amazing with all your talent, your energy, your TV show!!!, your sharing, and add 4 "boys" on top of that, I am in awe!

Kelly Sas said...

I miss you when you don't post anything for the day Pinky. :( Hope all is ok in your house.

celticmystyc said...

Did I hear the name TIM HOLTZ... I wanna win some!!
I've been following the blog, really. I love reading your adventures and "mis"adventures, (poor family), I'm beginning to have second thoughts on the excitement of the first day of school next week.
I wanna learn more about this I-Rock tool you're gushing about. Is it expensive? Do have to use ONLY the I-ROCK rhinestones or can I use with my existing stash of heat apply rhinestones?
Rambling, caffeine finally kicked in. Sorry....