Wednesday, August 4, 2010

~Back to school & Hump Day Fun! *WINNER* & New prize too!~

Good morning!
I am off to school this morning,
my boys have a half day in a new school and
they are so excited! I thought they would be scared
but they are brave boys.
It is going to be fun!

Here is my #3 Reveal for Scrapbooking From The Inside Out
August Kit "Discovery"
I was feeling very artsy funky LOL
Being me, and having pink hair, and well just
being open about my childhood abuse
and my ex husband's abuse.
I always feel pressure to conform.
Slowly but surely I have learned that conformity
is just not for me. I am who I am
and I cannot change what has happened
to me so I might as well stand up and use it to
help others to see you can survive and still be
a productive adult.
In fact it has been helpful to stay true to myself.
A few years ago when I faced my past everyone told
me it would be better to be quiet and move on and
not say anything about it ever again.
But guess what? They were so wrong, it has been
so amazing and healing to be open and speak out loud.
*enough of my jabbering! LOL*
This is what this Layout says for me :)
*Discovery 101*

Anyways...on to a winner right??
How about the Making Memories Bag and Lanyard
from Kay's SURPRISE giveaway last week!
Blogger Tamara Bennett said...

Great prize! I bet you girls had fun! Wish I could have been there!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Please email me your addy, or Facebook it to me.
And I have another fun giveaway today!
A brand new IROCK bag!!!
It is so sturdy and have file folders inside, it
really does ROCK! :)
Just leave a comment and I will enter your name
in the drawing. I have a few more prizes and
tomorrow I will choose the winner for the CRICUT
CARTRIDGE!!!!!! Woohoo! I am so excited!

OK off to school I go
~THANK YOU for stopping by and being a part of my life~
~Have a beautiful day~


StampinCathy said...

Can't believe is school again. Your page is AWESOME! I just love how you did the words with your pic. You are so creative.
Congrats to the winner too!

Jocelyn said...

Congrats to the winner.....Your Page is just STUNNING!!! Love how you did this one!!!

Have a great one sweet friend!!!

Kelly Massman said...

It took me a minute to GET your page-I think it is too early in the morning for me! What a fantastic idea!

Colleen said...

Back to school today, Guess I will stop grumbling about having to start next week. Even though I am going in to work for awhile today. Love your page and how you are able to journal the negative. I would be so afraid of who would read it and what they would say.

Dawn said...

Your page is amazing!! I love how you cropped the photo! Congrats Tamara!!

Heather said...

Another awesome page! That I rock bag is so cute!

chksngr said...

I love a lot of your pages, but I think this one has to be my favorite so far!

Dot said...

I always love to see what creative ideas you've come up with and your layout with the words popping out of your head is great!

Wow! You're boys start school really early!


Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

Great lo. Wow TN starts school early, my dd doesn't start for another 4 weeks. Congrats Tamara!

Hollyk said...

really great page. Love how you did it.

Creative Char said...

I love your layout! It's the best! God luck with the new school - here in Canada we still have almost 5 weeks vacation. lol.

sandyh50 said...

Great page again! ARe your schools air conditioned? We start here in 2 1/2 weeks but No AC!! So it can be kind of hot in those classrooms at first.

Congrats to Tamara!

Shelley said...

Your page is terrific. It amazes me you can be so open about your abuse, I'm sure it helps a lot in the helping process. I agree we should never try to conform, I tried it in many ways too. We think because we are parents we should do this or that. But we are who we are. Thanks so much for sharing.

Tona said...

Congrats to yesterdays winner.
Glad to hear that the boys were excited about starting a new school.
I loved the way you opened up your head to have the words spilling out on your layout. Just perfect...

Ziggyeor said...

Have fun at school with the boys! Hope the oldest doesn't get lost ;)

Ms. Jen said...

Love your page! The strongest people are the ones who can move forward. Good for you! I just love your spirit.

Thank you for another chance to win some great products - you're the best Pinky!

Denise said...

That's is so awesome your boys were excited rather than scared :) Love that you have come to terms with your past on your terms!!!

Terena said...

You Rock Pinky! That bag/folder rocks too! Hope you had fun at school today.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this!!! The layout idea is fabulous but the journaling is inspiring.

Christine said...

Your layout speaks VOLUMES I love it! Thank you for sharing with us I completely can relate and your right our experiences help others to move on to a normal life!

You ROCK!!

Hope your boys have a great school year and you as well!



A Sarasota said...

awesome layout.. school so sooon???
thought of Athena springing from Zues's head...

ShoppingTamii said...

Pinky, you inspire me so much...

Dawn said...

You rock girl- Pink hair and all!
I am always impressed with your open candor about everything. I always have so much respect for that. Don't ever change.

Amy aka: ropergirl3 said...

congrats Tamara!
Pinky I think this is an awesome layout!
Good luck to the boys!!!

Sandy said...

Congrats to the winner.

I was just looking at the I rock bag over at Imaginisce's Website. It's so cool looking.

Oh, and my kiddos go back to school Monday. I have mixed feelings about school starting this year. Normally I am so ready, this year not so much.

Scrapycandy said...

I think when one speaks out about an injustice that it can only help others. Do you receive questions from others on a regular basis? I can imagine that many want to know how to get help. As a child I know that would have liked help for my mom but I had no idea who to call. Thanks for being there.

Pinky said...

I do get alot of questions....usually I have a list of places for local areas or I help them find resources.
I get more notes saying "Thanks for being so vocal, its nice to know I am not alone". That keeps me from ever stopping. People might think I am hanging on to the past but I am not...I am just remaining aware and vocal and I always will.

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Awesome page. Super creative. Congrats to the winner. Super cute bag.

Amy said...

What a creative layout!! I love it!! Congrats to Tamara on winning some wonderful goodies. ♥

laterg8r said...

love your layout, definitely a good pic to use :D

Ginny said...

Such a great layout. I love all of your originality in your posts. So glad I had the chance to meet you at CHA and to be a part of the ever expanding circle at the hotel haha.

ruth said...

Oh my gosh I would totally LOVE to win that bag!!!

Debbie H said...

IROC bag, another awesome give away! Hope the boys do well in school, my youngest started junior high yesterday, wow!

Kristie Maynard said...

Wow! Your schools start really early, ours don't start until after Labor day, but of course we don't end until the very end of June either.

I LOVE your layout and I totally agree that talking about things is the way to go. Leaving it all inside just makes you boil inside.

What a cool iRock bag!

Dayna said...

What a gorgeous layout!! And congrats to the winner!!!

scrappin_in_AK said...

wonderful page - I love that you inspire everyone to be who they are

Charisma3103 said...

What a cool layout I love it

Janie Boots

Kim. said...

Great layout and congratulations to the winner.
Kim xXx
p.s the i-rock album is fantastic.

AprilsL8 said...

I absolutely love your layout!! Soooooo creative!

Kelly Sas said...

Wow does your area start school soon! I am glad your boys were doing so well this morning. I hope they had a great day at their new school! Love your blog and ability to share your past... it helps others. I am on a waiting list for an i rock! I would be thrilled to have a bag for it BEFORE I actually get my hands on it!

Nanabells said...

I think it is very brave of you to talk about the bad things that have happened, and I'm sure you have helped a lot of people. Thanks for sharing all your creativity - and prizes! Prizes are always good :-)

Becky said...

love the layout!!!
And love the irock bag. Can you tell me where I can find one of these irocks at?

Maureen said...

Great layout, love how you did the photo

Amy said...

Thanks Pinky for the chance to win! I adore this awesome would it be to win????

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

Your reveals are great! Very thought provoking!

Congratulations to Tamara! Hope you enjoy!

Manhattan Mandie said...

Love your layout, Pinky! That i-rock bag is fantabulous!