Thursday, January 8, 2009

~WOOHOO~ CHA Approaches!

Well this is a good day...number one...I scrapped....
Number 2 I got a sneak peak for new border punches ....and
number 3 I came up with a new idea for youtube WEBISODES and a show I want to start making! More to come VERY soon...I need to figure out how to video tape myself and not look like a moron LOL

So I have some good thoughts today.
This is one of my favorite punches...Apron Lace...although I wish they had one is 12" circle size! I need to invent one I tell you what! LOL
This is my second favorite one...Now Granted Stampin' Up came out with one a couple months ago but frankly...I cannot use my coupon on them and I HATE paying 9-10.00 shipping it totally kicks my ass for a punch!
And here is my third favorite! YUMMY is all I have to say...this one is called Effervescence.
Now some lucky bitch on Fiskateers won ALL of the new punches (I think 6??) OMG I keep filling out those surveys and dammit LOL Nah I am kidding I am happy for her , I am totally joking, You all know me better than that!

Oh did I mention I scrapped? Not sure if I like the page or not?? But I did it.

It is sort of a person LO about my step son and how he tends to use
not being kept by his Bio mom as a crutch still and does not notice or see what he
has in front of him at all. Frustrating for me because I feel
I have always given him 180% since I have been around.
And he has always used her giving him up as an excuse.
I know its sensitive subject and I am not trying to offend a
anyone but this is real life for me.

Well back to sewing and scrapping! And cooking and tending kids,
and all that other good schtuff!
Have a great day!


Ziggyeor said...

love the punches cristal but for some reason I can't see the 3rd photo you posted.

I love the LO and how you use scrapbooking as thearpy for the hard stuff. I want to grow up to scrap like you ;)

Loves Ya

Anonymous said...

Whew I thought it was just me - cant see the 3rd one either.

I love the LO, I love how your layering things - its great !!!!

Nikki said...

i can see all 3, lol. teh page is beautiful, as always. and u should totally invent the 12 in circle, i would soooo buy one!!!!! lol

Karin D said...

Loving those punches.... Thanks for the peek.

And your LO.... very nice. I think it's great therapy to scrap.

scrappin_mom3 said...

love the first two--can't see the 3rd one! Your LO is just great,I'm wiith Nikki syou should invent the 12 inch circle one because it takes me like 15 minutes to do a 12 inch circle with one of the regular punches, and I can't wait to see your videos-- you won't look stupid!

Tona said...

Another great layout. I love the colors and your powerful journaling.

Jocelyn said...

Great punches!!!!! Love the LO and the dimension to it!!!! Happy Thursday!

Little Miss said...

hahahah I dont want to look like a moron, I almost spit out my diet coke on that one!

Hang in there with your step son, I'm sure he'll come around and see what he's missing :)

Adrienne said...

I love the layout! It's gorgeous PINK! :D

I love that you scrapped about that. I hope one day that he realizes that he is better off where he is, where he is loved.

I could imagine your frustration! :D

lizzie said...

those punches are way cute! i need to start working on my punch collection... i have a corner rounder that makes scalloped edges and a lil flower punch... yea i'm so punchie hahahaha
oh and i'm so loving my sewing mchine!! i've been working on my pressure and stuff and everytime i use it i thinks of my pinky!!!

michele said...

I so understand the "if only..." I am so in the same situation. The LO rocks and I love it. I too have to get my grubby hands on these new border punches...I am diggin the same ones as you and in the same order.

Scrappy Doo 2 u said...

Lucky bitch, but I still woulda been happier if I'd read you won 'em!

Great layout ... love the paper folding/layering you did! Too cute!

Erin Glee said...

I love your lo~the colors, journaling, pleated paper, sweet boys photo and the detail of red paint "stenciled" through the mesh & then the mesh folded back and stapled~way cool! (Or should I say "HOT", because you've had enough "cool")!

Michelle Ramsay said...

I also can't see the 3rd punch. Lovely layout. I am sure he will come round and appreciate everything you have done for him. Children can be quite tricky emotionally.

melody said...

yummy punches!
and that lo ~ whoa..all that detail work and jouranling ~ beautiful work chickie and so inspiring

Georgina said...

beautiful LO and what yummy punches!! =)

java diva said...

ROFL---I'm that "lucky bitch!" LOL nahnahnahnahnahhhhhhhh :P
I promise to share! ;) too bad we don't live closer so we could scrap together!