Friday, January 23, 2009

~Freaky Friday is right!!~

Boy, today I have been chasing my son with a bowl LOL
Poor little guy, I cannot wait until they are old enough to just go be sick in the bathroom.
Ok OK I know you are saying TMI Pinky TMI!!!!
Just show us some scrap work! hehehe

OK here is what I have been working on.
I am only sharing the front because I will use it as a challenge in TS in February. But I have indeed been scrapping. This is a Valentine's Day Coupon Book...see the Tickets inside?? Bwhahaha, you will have to tune in to TS this month to find out what the inside says.

OK back to Puky and the gang!


Anonymous said...

Love it!
Have a great weekend! I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

lizzie said...

super cute pinky!

Southernbelle said...


Holly said...

Very cute....sorry about the puke! (that was sort of a poem I wrote for you, LOL)

HeatherQ said...

So sorry you're on bucket duty, Pinky!! I was very glad to see it wasn't reflected in your scrapbooking, though! Great job on the little book!

Kray said...

You just love to tease us!

Hope your son will feel better soon

Jocelyn said...

So cute!!! Can't wait to see the inside!!!! I have been chasing a sick cat too! We have been to the vets 6 daysout of 7 and I still don't know if we are out of the woods yet!!!! Hoping your son is feeling better. You have had a tough week, sweet friend!

Ann said...

I got my RAK in the mail today. Thank you!

Ziggyeor said...

Pukey and the gang aww poor kids :(

Love the little book though :D

Taffy said...

aww you're such the tease!!

I hope your kids get better soon. I hate it when kids get sick and you basically have to suffer along w/them.