Saturday, January 24, 2009

~A Sewing Saturday!

I am so excited. You know there is a little sewing "club" on Fiskateers/Fiskars and they ask people to make projects and do tutorials on them so they can post them.
Well, it took me a couple weeks but I finally finished one of the projects!
Now this is BEFORE I put a cute flower on it and finished it.
But it is a sewing caddy/mat.
It goes under your machine and you can set your scissors in it or whatever you might need.
I will let you know when the full tutorial will be up
and I will also post it here!
It's cute aye???It's easy to make too! It only took like 1 hour.
Perfect for the shortcut sewer like me!

I like it!


lizzie said...

that is AMAZING DUDE!!!!!!!

Nikki said...

sooo cute, may have to be my 1st non scrappy project when i get my sewing machine next week

Allanah Swain said...

when seeing things like this it makes me want to buy a machine.... lovely work by the way a brilliant idea... plus i love the colours;-)

Kray said...

Cristal, have you thought about getting a patent for this? I never seen anything like this and know if anything is out there on the market.

This an EXCELLENT idea you have here.

Anonymous said...

That is really pretty fabric and I am about to open my year old sewing machine that is still in the box!

Ann said...

Very Cute.

Ziggyeor said...

ohh nice :D Glad you got some sewing time in :D


HeatherQ said...

Very cute!!! My beginning sewing ability might even be able to handle that one with your tutorial! I'll be watching for it!

michele said...

this is such a cool caddy...i think a matching pin cushion would be the icing on the cake.