Tuesday, January 13, 2009

~CHA is coming~

I know I should not be this excited because I will not be able to afford even 1/100 of this but I LOVE thew new My Mind's eye Lone by Penny Lane,
and yes, I know owls have been done to death but I LOVE Them so who cares! Bwhahaha
I will buy 6 sheet and cut them out and make my own embellies.

Another one I am really loving is this on from My Minds Eye
BellaBella "Bellezo" Paper Kit
Since My Mind's Eye is double sided heavy duty paper, I will be hunting this one down!
It's not too busy so I can work with it.
I LOVED Websters pages last year but when it came down to working with it, it was so
busy I did not like it at all. Lesson learned.

Now let's just hope it gets into stores and I have a scrappy lottery then! LOL
If you have a sneak peek you love please share it! I would love to see!
Have a great day


Nikki said...

oh pinky...i NEED all that paper too!!! we are so bad, lol

lizzie said...

I want it...I NEED IT!!!!! oh em gee... amazing!!! those owls are so cute and eeee it's MME!!!! love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I need those owls !!!! They are too cute !!!

Your sneak peaks are great too !!!

Jillene said...

Cute, cute, cute!!

Carla said...

Oh yes I love MME! Cant wait to get my hands on some new goodies myself.

Tona said...

Love all of those papers. I'm with you when it comes to "busy" paper. I like to look at it, but I just can't use it...or maybe I just don't know how to use it which is probably closer to the truth. LOl

scrappin_mom3 said...

I love that Bella Bella paper!! I gotta get me some of that!!

Holly said...

I love those owls too.

I thought of you today as I ordered my pics from mpix. Tried to order more bigger sizes so maybe I'll do some LO's like you do with just a picture or two.

melody said...

yep..i need a *scrappery lottery*, too..yummy stuff

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

I love the way you think...when I see something, I just like it. It never crosses my mind if it's user (me)-friendly! That's why you're the awesome scrapper and I'm just me! ;)

By the way, I'm in love with birds of all sorts, so I too must have those! (Oh no!)

Jocelyn said...

I love th birdies and I love the owls. I still want to fill my pages with owls!!!! I felt the same way about the busy paper, but then I got started on a page using Websters and I am in LOVEEEEEE with it! Have a great Wedensday!

Jocelyn said...

Pinky, check out my Blog, about three under the last post and you will see my top ten faves. I have a Websters Page on there, that I used all Websters products and it is busy, but I think it turned out great!~ Hope that helps`

Gloria said...

omg pinky I love those owls. did I see melody make a comment??? where have you been girl???? I miss you and your inspiration.

Big Mama Kaboose said...

I love those birdies & owls!!!

Theres so much out there and not enough cash.