Tuesday, January 27, 2009

~Tuesday is flying by~

Well, I have good news, the little one is slowly recovering, which means, I might be able to get out of the livingroom for more than 5 minutes today! And I might be able to sleep without him and a puke bucket tomorrow!~ hehehe

Here is my finished coupon book.
Now remember I am married and it is semi-adult. (it's not really that bad LOL)
I think it is a super FUN idea and I bet hubby will love it!
Plus it gets me out of buying him something! Bwhahaha!

And I also finished my videos for the class
So if your so inclined the class is UP for SALE
right HERE
It is 22.99
and includes everything you need for a 8 to 10 page 6X6 Album
with Alcohol Inks that will in all honesty, make at least 10 more full 12X12 pages!
That little tray lasts forever! I have done 6 pages so far with it.

Ok on to other things...mainly LIFE!
Have a great Tuesday!

And I have had an over whelming response to the sewing caddy.
So I will be giving one away very soon.
~Much love~


Jocelyn said...

I love the coupon book! I made one of these last year for my Hubby and he had such a good time cashing in his coupons. :)

Ziggyeor said...

ROFLMAO That's funny I love the high heals one! Too bad I don't have any of those ;)

Wonderful little album.


HeatherQ said...

Very cute!

Glad to hear your little one is feeling better, too!

Anonymous said...

What a cute coupon book !!!! I may have to use some of those coupon ideas and do one of my own !!! lol

Glad to hear Gage is doing better.

connie said...

Pinky I love your coupon book! I would love your sewing caddy too.

Anonymous said...

coupon book is too cute and i am glad things are looking up around your house (ie....kids getting better, pinky getting some sleep)!!!

Adrienne said...

I know... You dont do tags very often... but this one is FUNNER! :D C'mon! do it.


Anonymous said...

oh that is too cool!

Little Miss said...

Glad the boys are starting to feel better!
Love that cupon book, I might need to borrow that idea! :)

Patti said...

Your invited to visit my blog to view my newest card posts.


Great job!

Southernbelle said...

So super cute! Love the coupon book! Great idea!

Love the class too! If I can, I will do that one! :)

And hugs to ya! Hope the kids are doing better and stay well! Love ya!

Carla said...

That is just adorable.....

Karin D said...

Adorable coupon book - I'm loving the idea.... with money being tight, I think I might just lift your idea.

Scrappy Doo 2 u said...

I love the book ..... and your Andrew should too! Hmmmmm, I'm trying to picture you w/that new hat and those slutty high heel boots...... (dressed of course, I'm not that kinda gal). I bet he'll love it! Awesome idea, as usual Cristal.

Great new bkgd on your bloggy, meant to tell you that a while back.


Darlene said...

I totally love that coupon book! I may have to make my own now...