Sunday, August 24, 2008

~Went a little Crazy~

With the border punches and Cardstock lastnight! Haha
I had a challenge to ONLY use Rub-ons...(otherwise known as ruebons in my head)
And ONLY plain Cardstock on a LO....
BUT Scrap Your Crap also had a challenge to use 4 PUNCHES Yes FOUR on a Layout.
So I thought to myself..."why not try to kill yourself with a Layout?!" LOL
And I went to town.
Now its not my usual style but its funky and fun and I like it for fun purposes. I won't be winning any awards but hey its all good I mean its Scrapbooking for gawd's sake!
Its all about having FUN and being Creative and Creative this is! Hehehe

Oh and a little more about the crop.
I have decided to do it again!
I did not take the people not showing up personally. I knwo how hard it is to push yourself to get out and go somewhere new and meet new people. Life is crazy and difficult.
So even if only 1 person shows up next time its all good.
I will still bake my ass off and still buy too much candy! And get nervous and giggly.

It's worth it. I have made more friends scrapbooking then anything else in my life! I wish I scrapbooked a few years ago. It is such a great way to socialize and meet people with real big hearts! I mean crafters are all levels and all ages. But they all have one common bond, a love of friends and family and sharing their stories! What could be more amazing?
It's not about being perfect or being the best its about sharing the love.

I still am amazed at what crafting has brought to my life and thankful as well.
It,s been a good weekend. Friday night when all was said and done I went to bed with a smile on my face and love in my heart.


Anonymous said... that is a happy on my face and love in my heart....can I borrow your quote...I love it!!!

Dawny P said...

It's fabulous Pinkeee xxxx

Lisa said...

Love the layout and I don't think you went a little crazy, I love your style it's unique and all you!

JoEllyn said...

So....I bought a big corner punch today after your scallop tips...LOL Love that layout you did!!!

Scrap Your Crap said...

that fence punch rocks my socks woman and this layout is HAWT!!!


Holly said...

that is so cute, I love the curly q's

Ziggyeor said...

aww I feel all warm and fuzzy now :D

So when do I get to lug 1/4 of my scrappy stuff over to your house again? ROFL!

I was wonderin too if we could do somethin for Halloween ;) I've got paper to use if I want to buy the newest stuff HEee Heee!


Bree/Reilly said...

Love the little curls on the side, it really sets the page off and the colors are wonderful.

Just Jess said...

Wonderful page!

I wish we lived closer (I'm in Canada) because I'd at your crop in a heart beat. lol Baking, candy, scrapbooking? A girl after my own heart.

Captain Scrappy said...

aww, sorry to hear about your scrap night! If I lived closer I'd join you!