Saturday, August 16, 2008

~Blessings all around me~

I have to admit my faith was quite shaken this week.
In my life I have survived, abuse, molesting, rape, my back being broken, more abuse, and a few other things. And in all those years God held my hand and
I never doubted he was there with me all along.
But this week, I questioned and doubted God for the first time in a long time.
I felt angry and alone, and like this was unfair and unnecessary.
But every day I would wake up to countless emails and even more comments on the forums I am in. And every one of them was for prayer and love to my family.

And yesterday I received not one , not TWO but THREE meals from a local company who delivers hand cooked meals...from the Lead Fiskateers!
Nothing could have been more of a blessing. It was funny. Hubby was working late and I was exhausted and those meals came about 5 minutes before I was going to make PB sandwiches for my 3 boys.

When Gage was first admitted to the hospital they told me he had a broken back, the next morning at 3am they told me NO he has a broken bone in his back....

then they called and said "NO he has NO broken bones we can SEE"
We got home and he still could not walk or even crawl and they did more test and said..."we don't know he might have a broken hip"

So I went home again and the next morning he crawled.
Last night he took his first steps...
The above picture is right after his steps.
You can clearly see he was in an immense amount of pain.

This morning, he woke up and he was hurting but no tears and he walked across the room. Now I held him up and he did not bear down completely but he walked across the whole room and was able to stand up and PEE!
So this morning the Dr. called and said... They found nothing on his newest XRays or scans. And he should have trouble for a while but he should be ok.

He said it was nothing short of a miracle that he can walk and he is not paralyzed or broken.

Now it will be a week or even two before he is normal but Thank God above that he is OK and will be walking again hopefully 100% normal.

And thanks to everyone who has lifted my family up and supported us.
I felt so alone and devastated...and honestly the messages and emails...they held me together.
All the girls at Treasured Scrapbooking...nothing could have been more personal or caring.
Just Scrappin' came in and gave me love
Start a Scrapbook did the same
I can't even explain how much it helps!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad he will be ok - that is great news!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so blessed. Yes, we cut up and have fun, but remember when Greta walked on water to rescue her daughter...this is from the same grace. take it, live it and love it...BTW THAT DRESS I BOUGHT FOR M`Y FRIEND was the BomB! she did not know about it and too bad for her, cause that is SO mine!!! You rock and I will be back! Gina

Carrie Egg said...

What a huge blessing! Such great news. I read about Gage's fall a couple of days ago here and on the Fiskateer site. My mouth fell open, what a huge fall. I can't even imagine what you must have been going through to see your baby in such pain. My husband's headache rack fell on my 2 yr. old son's foot and crushed it the day after Christmas and my heart just sank... they are just so resiliant! What an awesome God we have!

Carrie #4114

Holly said...

So glad Gage is going to be ok. What a scary week you've had.

Anonymous said...

awesome awesome im so glad he is doing better, i have been thinking of you and hoping for the best girl. Im still here if ya need an ear, sounds like there are alot of great girls out there also lending an ear, dont you love it ?
Im so glad, so so glad .....