Friday, August 1, 2008

~August is upon us!~

Aren't these stamps ADORABLE??!! Well it's JUST THE BEGINNING!

This is the FIRST set of stamps we are having a contest for in Just Scrappin'
The challenge is to
Rule #1 You must go to
And leave a comment letting Melissa know you are from Just Scrappin'.
The reason is, I want her to know when she sponsors us that we truly are spreading the word on her stamps!

Rule #2 Make a LO using STAMPED images! Pretty easy right? But I want to see a few images not just one little tiny stamp! ;)

Well I have 3 CONTESTS going on for THREE sets of stamps this month so This one will be until August 12th.

So come in and join the fun!

Now I am off to scrap I hope today!

Have a beautiful FIRST DAY of AUGUST! I will be posting a giveaway later today OR tomorrow!
So check back!

OH and I almost forgot! I made some Just Scrappin' Blinkies this week!
If you want one just snag it or email me for one and post it on your blog or web page! Thanks!







karen m. (akaliz) said...

cute blinkies! hey, the fabric is from JoAnn. it's that moleskin stuff. i think that's what they call it. or diaper cloth. whatever. i really don't know anything about that stuff. ;)

Scrappy Rat said...

I posted my comment and mentioned your referral. I also made a stamped page and posted it to my Fiskateer gallery (#1135) I'm really happy with how it turned out. Thanks for coming up with this challenge! :)