Wednesday, August 20, 2008 name is Pinky and I am a Thicker whore~

Yes, I love Thickers, I mean who doesn't LOVE Thickers!

So I have decided to give away a package of Black Root Beer Float Thickers! And some kick ass Ribbon with Cherries, Skulls and Barbed wire! I can think of about 20000 uses for this stuff!

SO here is YOUR chance to WIN

YOu can enter up to 3 times...
this week is giveaway on blogs week!
Check out this blog!
Tell her PINKY sent you for one chance

She is also giving away a crock pot so it will be worth it plus she has some kick butt recipes!
I will be making the butterfinger cake for my crop!
I have been her stalker for a long time now. I see people who stalk me now stalk her too! LOL She is THAT good!
Her biscuits and chocolate gravy is some yummy goodness!

And here is a second chance PLUS another GIVEAWAY!
Leave her a comment and tell her Pinky sent you and make a guess for the GIVEAWAY!

And third chance....yea you can put your name in the hat 3 times!
Leave a comment here with your favorite BLOG!
But you have to let me know whatcha did to get your name in the hat man!

I will be posting a WINNER on Friday NIGHT so you will need to check back in then!
A couple weeks ago I had a winner who never showed back up!

Much love to ya'll!


stampinc said...

Pinky this was fun.
I went to visit Southern Plate and drooled, but did sign up for a chance at the 3 in 1 slow cooker. Oh did I mention that you sent me!!
Then I went over to Keep in Touch Card Shop, cuz you sent me her way. Say this very strange lookin dog. Poor guy and left my 2 cents worth for a name for the doo. Then I came back over here to report my finding and followed your instructions to a tee. I think!! Thanks for a chance and a fun time blog surfin.

stampinc said...

Ok I almost followed the instructions. I forgot to give you one of my favorite blogs. She amazes me with her projects.
Here is the link:
Ok now I think I did everything I was suppose to.

Anonymous said...

This is cool - kinda like a scavenger hunt!!!(but with links) I went and commented on the 3 in 1 slow cooker and checked out the blog - got hungry. Then moved on to see Molly - shes sooo cute even with extra facial hair!!!
Now my last stop is here to report I have done my above missions!!! Thanks for the chance - Im sooo addicted to thickers.

My favorite blog is Yours!!!! I visit it everday along with several others but your first on list then May flaums blog!!!

Peg said...

Thanks for the fun Pinky! I went to Southern Plate and wow it was hard to leave without a few recipes. I'm going to try them.

I also visited Keep In Touch. That poor dog. She's a toughy.

Now I'm back here. One of my favorite blogs besides this one is Debby's Dare.

Pinky said...

Oh yes Debby has a fun blog too!

Katie said...

Pinky.....thanks for the blog scavenger hunt! :) LOL! I love the Southern Plate website... such YUMMY food on there! I'll definitely keep an eye on that's been added to my favorites! I also went over to see poor Molly's new doo and entered her contest. I told both of them you sent me....and I'm glad you did! One of my favorite blogs for recipes is Confessions of a Pioneer Woman (! For scrapping of my favorites is Stephanie Ackerman's "Homegrown Hospitality". She has such a great way about it!

Thanks for the RAK, Pinky! Our school mascot is a pirate and I'm drooling over that skull ribbon! :)


Sarah said...

Dang! I had already left my comment at Southern Plate. I've been stalking that one for a while. But I will leave a comment here and tell you that my fave blog right now is Old Red Barn (
You know I need to build up my Thickers stash!! lol

Lisa said...

I went to both the blog you asked me to go to and told them you sent me. They are both great blogs, so thanks for sharing!

I love to many blogs to name a favorite, but check out for some blog candy!

I too would sell my body for Thickers, unfortunately I would make enough to buy too

Just Jess said...

Wow you always find the best sites-yummy!

My fave blog is my own- even if I'm the only one who reads it. :P lol I also like this one:

Anonymous said...

I was a blog treasure hunt of sorts.
I went to Southern I did email my husband a recipe to make for me!! And I giggled when I saw the "so good you will slap your mama". Then I headed over to Kelly's shop...took a gander at her puppy...well....I have had worse hair cuts!! ha hahaha...

left comments on both (I am so obedient!)

my fav blog:
she has fantastically good work...and she even put a hillarious card up made by her husband...

PS bo-bo the idiot scrapper STILL has never tried nor seen "thickers" in real life

jonaks said...

hey this is fun! Went to the southern plate site and got hungry. Then, guess for Molly's haircut. I did them all. It was fun blog hopping.
My favorite blog would be just loved the inspiration from music.

thanks for this Girl!

Stampin Cats said...

I hope I got it all right. I went to southern plate, been going there since you sent me there the last time, I told her you sent me. Then I went to Keep in Touch to see the poor puppy's bad hair cut. One of my favorite blogs is
confessions of a ribbon addict.

connie said...

Pinky LOVED the Southern Plate blog THANK YOU! And of course I am a fan of Kelley's. Can't leave her site without placing an order!!! She has such beautiful products. I tried to visit blogs daily but it is hard since I work full time. I mostly visit blogs that are referred from another one. I do visit May's daily- Thanks for links!

PS How is Gage? Hope is getting back to normal and out of pain. Have kept ya'll in my thoughts and prayers all week.

connie #2909

CherrieScraps said...

Hi Cristal, I went blog hopping today and left my commments,I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Cherry ribbon - I sooo want it!!
One of my favorite blogs is this one...

kind of eclectic - but good!!

nancy said...

I loved the card kits. Thanks for sending me to that site. My sister-in-law, Tona, told me about your rockin' site.

Pinky said...

Woohoo I am so happy you stopped by!!

Anonymous said...

Thicker whore here too !! Remember when greta was talking about thickers and i had to admit i had like 75 packs, yikes !! Oh and thats right, i remember when you bought your first ones, i was SO PROUD OF YOU !!!!! LMAO !!!!! They are like chips, you cant stop at just one once you start !!!! Why is that ?!
And im SOOOOOO glad your little guy is doing better, i have been thinking about him every day .
Bless you girl !!!!
Jenn ~fellow thicker whore~

Swedie said...

My favorite website is Thanks for sharing your ideas.. and the goodies.


Julie O. said...

I love your blog Pinky! Glad to know another THICKER lover!! LOL!

Kimberly said...

Hi Pinky! Thanks for visiting my blog! My MIL is a hoot! :) Going to have to check out Just Scrappin' now! :)
Pink Cat Studio stamps are SO cute and Melissa is so great to work with! Glad she was your sponsor!
Thanks again for the congrats-I really appreciate it!! :)

Anonymous said...

I was too late as it was 11pm there and 5 here in sweden...sobbing in my coffee...That southern food was wonderful! Gina

Anonymous said... fav blog is actually flickr...there is so much to see there you could go blind just looking! Ahem, and of COURSE, your blog, too!