Sunday, May 4, 2008

Swaps are so much FUN!

I love doing scrapbook swaps and I am in a GREAT one that goes month to month. Its called a Handmade swap. You don't expect very much just an item or two in a theme you choose. I chose earth tones and florals this month, but I have done family and brown and Black and White!
Anyways you just make a tag or a matte or something for your partner and mail it off by a certain date. My Partner wanted JOB/WORK related Days so I did these 9 to 5 Photo Matte and Journaling tag. It was fun and I love doing them!
I love that it is about being simple and no pressure, not only the latest and greatest and you don't have to go buy a BIG scrapbooking kit, you just make something personal. Fun FUN!

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Lisa said...

I have never done a swap, sound like fun and the pages are great!