Monday, May 19, 2008

In Tennessee and doing just fine!

Well, we made it to Nashville just fine and left a day early. Although our items just arrived this evening so I have about 2 months of unpacking to do!! *OH MY*

The house is wonderful and of course TN is beautiful.

On another note. I found a Guest judge and have found a few sponsors for Just Scrappin' so in the next couple months we should be having some fun contests and swaps going on.

I know its small now but we have over 30 members and many very active members, at least 15 to 20 a day! not bad for less then 2 months old!

I have applied to a few sponsors so we will see what kind of kits and prizes I will find woohoo!!

If you want a small scrappy space with no drama and just some unbiased clean fun chat. Then come on by and check it out. Its not all scrappy chat, lots of really nice friendly girls in there and a real good group of kind women.
We will most likely be moving to a bigger board in the next 3 months but as always i will keep ya updated.

Have a great day from Nashville!!!!! ~Pinky~


jonaks said...

hey congrats on your new site.
I tagged you in my blog.

Mokihana said...

Good to see you back!! I look forward to TN photos!