Friday, May 9, 2008

Album for Others

Do you ever make albums for other people?
My sisters sent me about 20 or so pictures, I am about halfway done. I just finished this one yesterday.
My stepmom and step sister have the exact same eyes, it is crazy cool!
I used a ton of flowers on this one.
I hand cut the giant flower from Crate Paper the Blue Hill line. and took my sewing machine to it.
I just wanted something simple but girly and PRETTY!


Lisa said...

I love that layout! I have done books for my family, it is a bit harder to scrap pictures that you didn't take, I put blank journaling spots on the page and let them fill it out.

Anonymous said...

I make albums for others, I charge 100.00 dollars for a 12 page book, which really is 24 scrapbook pages....I love doing em.
But I really look the look on their faces when they see their pictures done.
I can't wait till your scrapbooking ass gets to me...