Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back to work!

Well this weekend was pretty rough. The van broke down for the first time ever. The water pump went out we replaced it and guess what? ITS STILL LEAKING! Shoot me! LOL And my sewing machine went KAPOOTTT! My lifeline, my employment, my money maker!
Thanks goodness for Sears credit card is all I have to say.
I cried like a little baby for an hour over that stupid machine. Lord help me I loved it.
And back to making dresses lastnight and this morning for the joys of the plus sized world LOL

Hope you had a pleasant Memorial Day. I can't complain we are alive and well.
In the grand scheme of things it was just another day and we are thankful for what we have.
*over and out*


Mummy LOL said...

Oh Cristal I love your dresses, I am a plus size Mama and think they are gorgeous.
Hmmmmm I wonder if we could sort international payment

Sandra in New Zealand

Holly said...

Sorry about the van and sewing machine (hopefully it will be on the mend soon).

Anonymous said...

I want the pink one with some sleeves, can you do that for me.....love it.

Michelle Lanning said...

LOve those -- super cute! And sucks about the van -- hope things work out!

just lisa said...

Sorry for the breakdowns...never can just one thing break at a time - can they?

Those dresses are gorgeous - I cannot beleive that you make them - very talented!!!

TraceyT said...

You do wonderful work! These are just adorable.

FlutterinbyGirl said...

I want one of your dresses! Actually, I want a shirt one..... with wide straps in a rockin' fabric. HEe hee.


jonaks said...

wow, those are gorgeous dresses. Hey thanks for the comment in my blog. You can stay with me if you can stand the heat, traffic and chaos I live in. We don't have winter here and most the time it feels like summer.