Wednesday, March 26, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog?

I was challenged to write out WHY in fact I do I got to thinking about it for the last couple days....and here is what I came up with.

I blog both personal and crafty blogs, all the time. I mix the two.
Frankly, for Crafting, I feel so much joy and stress relief crafting, I figure someone else might want to try it so why not put it out there! I love seeing new techniques and trying new things!

And for my more personal blogs, well....we all know what an open book I am.
The more I talk about my personal experiences the more response I get from others who have been through the same thing or similar experiences but are afraid or don't want to talk openly about it.
For some reason when I blog about my own experience or talk about it, it seems to make them more comfortable to tell their story and honestly, we all need to be able to feel SAFE enough to share our stories or else they will stay hidden and keep happening!

So its pretty much my goal to be 100% open even if it makes people angry with me. Because there are those few women that aren't angry and see that its ok to be broken, flawed and human, and you can still be beautiful, successful and Happy!
And to me just one other person, feeling safe and brave enough to speak out is enough for me to blog for a lifetime!


jinxi said...

Thank you for writing about this. Im glad you have touched so many lives. Keep up the good work!

Mokihana said...

If people get angry with you for being honest, then it's sure their problem, not yours! I like that you mix your scrappy stuff with the other. It makes for a very real blog.

Lisa said...

Some people just don't get the whole blogging thing. I was forced to retire due to health reasons and went through long periods of depression. Scrapping and blogging help keep me sane!