Monday, March 17, 2008

Fiskars Certified??

Boy this weekend was just hairy.
We went to town on Sunday and I planned to hit Target and Lane Bryant and a couple places...but I went to the fabric shops first and I was so dang frustrated....I sort of lost all focus...took the kids to Chuck E Cheese and forgot about doing the rest of my shopping *DOH*.
My mental focus was all out of whack!

But then last night I heard from Wendy Jo, she is doing a Fiskars certification Class in Richmond...Ok ok technically Colonial Heights (which is closer to me anyways) ...
SOOO Saturday I will meet My first every scrappers in REAL LIFE!.....No shit huh?? pretty weird. But I am kind of excited to go away by myself for the first time in 10 months now.

Oh ya and one a side note....I was listening to the boys while they talked yesterday in bed (going to sleep) and Justice said " OK Gage!, Now you say BUTT and I am going to say...." Ya you guessed it LOL
HOLE! So I had to explain that while being funny and not so bad in my house...outside the world won't exactly find it proper!

I realize I am a bit more lax about language and all that in my house but not all parents want to hear it...I respect that. It was cute and funny though!


Scrap Your Crap said...

woo hoo thanks for the 2 submissions....they are rocking!!!

and girl...i am totally in love with your pink hair....u freaking rock

Cat said...

oooh boy...what kids will come up with, eh?

Aimee said...

congrats on getting certified... I am too...

Aimee #1331

Kimmy said...

yup, dylan cusses. im more than thrilled to get dang, crap, pissed off, butthole out of him in public compared to what he could be saying. i was never treated as a kid that cuss words were awful. i think the only thing that bugs me is saying kill.