Saturday, March 29, 2008

Scrapping sure is tugging on my heart this week

What a week for challenging my inner self! LOL
I had two challenges to complete and one was to Honor an important woman in your life.
Well, I don't have those.....I mean I grew up with a highly abusive (non-mother) and my dad has been married like 5 or 6 times now....
So I had to dig deep, but then I realized....I have this "friend".
She stepped in when she got married to my dad and she defended me...defended me from all the people who were blood related to me. She stood along side me and always had a shoulder for me to cry on.
She now has Lupus and has been very ill as of the last year, but she I believe is who inspired me to move forward with facing my abuse and past, for the bettering of my life and for my future children. So I did get to complete my challenge *YA*
Thanks "MOM"


PATTY said...

I stumble upon your blog and love your work. But then I started reading your blog and you are one brave women and a beautiful plus size one at that.

I too am plus size, I wish I felt beatiful but don't, but that is okay I am okay with me. I plan on putting a link on my blog for your blog.


Anonymous said...

Love your design - and all your journaling! The scallops alternating caught my eye - and you have caught my heart!
Blessings, Joyce

Cat said...

I love your explanation of the page! And the journaling is great......wonderful!

jinxi said...

What a great tribute!