Monday, March 24, 2008


Well, here I am at the Fiskars Certification Class!
I finally did it and I FINALLY met some scrappers in real life!! Like OMG! LOL
It was pretty fun and a full weekend. Nice to get away from stress for a couple days and just have fun this weekend.
Our weekend was so busy thought. No scrapping or anything for me.
I spent all day Saturday driving to and from class (80 minutes away) and all day Sunday with the kids for Easter. We went to the beach and also we went to see Horton Hears a Who!
So back to reality today!
YA for Fiskars! I was RAK'd a NEW scrapbooking kit and some PINK yes PINK Heidi Grace floral scissors!!! hooray for them.

I think I also have resigned to the fact people call me Pinky now LOL
Everyone in Class called me Pinky and seems like its been sticking these days.
Too funny.
On another note....more personal

Oh and a sort of profound moment this weekend.
Of course by NOW I am used to the questions and stares and all that about my hair.
Well in a class of 12 women, when I was to introduce myself....instead of introductions, the questions started coming about my hair.
I sort of surprised myself.....when the questions came....
WHY? Did you dye your hair....usually when I am one on one I make a silly comment or something, but for some reason the words just sort of flowed this time.

"I am a survivor of child abuse and when i faced my demons, and changed my life, I changed my hair and it stuck."

I don't think anyone was more shocked than ME to hear those words come out of my mouth, but the coolest thing happened. Everyone applauded and it was 100% OK!!
So I was proud of myself I think that was a major step for me.
I think from now on that is what I will say instead of hemming and hawing around it.
YA for cool supportive women!


KarenB said...

Congrats on getting certified!!! Pinky has always stuck for me too!!! I think you did great by just coming out and saying it - more people than you think will be and are supportive of what you've been through!!! Be yourself!!

Aimee said...

Congrats on being certified... It is amazing the things you can do and say in front of a group...

Mokihana said...

I am SO dang proud of you!! Not just for getting certified, but also for coming out and telling your history. You are certified on far more than Fiskars in my opinion. You are courageous to da max, and I applaud you to da max! If I'd been there, I woulda been clapping loudest of all!

Way to go!!

CherrieScraps said...

WOW - this made me so happy!! How amazing you must feel!! I am so so proud of you - You ROCK Cristal!! I am so proud to call you my friend!!

Jenster said...

I always knew you were certifiable! ;-) Congrats on getting certified AND for sharing your story and inspiring others. You hair really is a gift, because it gets people talking, and that's always a good thing.

Lisa said...

I wish I could meet a fellow fiskateer, there is no one near me to train. Congrats on being certified. Keep being proud of yourself, it sounds like you have came a long way already!