Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I haven't been blogging much due to life getting pretty busy!
They offered him very low wages in TN so we won't be moving this week but we are still hopeful for other jobs in the area.
This is my latest LO I did for a frame. My friend Becky lost her Mother in law last year and this was to commemorate her.
I didn't really want to publish it because it is so personal but I thought I would post it here anyways.
It was a real hard piece for me to do I am not sure why. It was very emotional and put my heart into it. I have never met Becky, nor her MIL But I know how it feels to have such a great sudden loss and how undervalued it is. How much it sort of pricks at you every day for that first year especially. Anyways...nuf said...
New and exciting things happening this week. Can't blog about it right now but Fun stuff in store!


jinxi said...

You did a really wonderful job Cristal.. Becky will appreciate this and remember it forever.

Wishing you guys good luck in the employment field.. and homefront!

Mokihana said...

Beautiful job. I know that Becky will be so grateful to have it in the years to come.

Sorry the job didn't work out; but I know the right one will come along.

KarenB said...

What a beautiful LO!!! You did an amazing job and I'm sure Becky will love it and cherish it!!!

Keeping you guys in our thoughts and prayers as far a job goes - I know the market is a pain right now!!!