Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gettin' Jiggy with it

*Jiggy* Yeah I know I pulled it out of my old school ASS!!
I am so excited I actually got to SCRAP last night for the first time in Days!
Things have been so darn busy, but last night at 10:45pm /11:00 pm I got all the kids to sleep and ignored my crazy messy house and Just did scrapping. I was exhausted and wanted to go to bed but I didn't! It was worth it. I got 3 Lo's done.

Here is a LO I did with Pictures of GAGE and his stinkin EYE!
I took two pictures and cut the face off one and used glue dots to put it on the base picture for more depth, it doesn't show well in photographing but its cool in person...very 2-D.
I got the idea of making a skinny folder from a Sketch I saw and did before....this time I made it and placed it on the page....The story of him taking bubble wrap, placing it on his face and POPPING it with a fork....therefore CUTTING his eye! IS inside the folder! What a nut he is.
I know we better have good insurance for him as he gets older! The idea will come bigger and faster I am sure.

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KarenB said...

OMG a fork to pop the bubble wrap while on his face!!! Girl you better you get prepared, I think you have a wild ride coming up through the teen years!!! Love the LO!!!