Monday, September 16, 2013

Enjoy The Ride NEW STAMP SET! And Camping.

 Happy Monday friends!!
I am home from our weekend camping trip and 
everything is getting back to normal- except the 50 loads of laundry! LOL

Anyways I wanted to share my latest Avocado Arts project-
I was featured on Sunday! **PSSTT go check it out and comment!**

This new stamp set- "Stuck On You" is freaking awesome! :) 
On this card I stamped the bike frame in silver (ClearSnap Ink) and the
tires in the black. I love the gradiated feel it has. 

I tried to use fall colors as we are prepping for fall and to share
how versatile this stamp set really is! :) 
I also took the windmill stick and made it into a sign (yes 
I am very creative LOL). And made a basket with flowers. 

What a great stamp set to welcome Monday! 
And a fun camping trip to take the stress away!!! :) 
Here are a couple quick photos. 

Happy Monday friends.

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