Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What The Cluck??!!

Good morning crafty friends,
I am laughing this morning because of this card- 
I HAD to make it, I have been saving it for a while now and
decided it was perfect for my gf's birthday. I mean she is turning the BIG 3-0!
Honestly I could not hep but make a FUNNY and fun card
and I knew I had this Kanban Crafts Wobbler (out of business now)
- and I could NOT resist.
Everything was sweet and nice except this! LOL
I printed and added the sentiments. 
 And of course I had to add the sentiment inside because my friend insisted
(ok she really just suggested it and I flew away with it).
 I added the BIG 3-0 to the eggs because let's face it. It's FRACKIN hilarious! 
Anyways it totally made her laugh so mission accomplished! LOL
I used the beautiful Ribbon's Unlimited ribbon to jazz it up and my Xyron to
adhere to pieces. All fun stuff! :)
The eggs are where I put her age...I am just happy she had a giggle! :)

Anyways Happy Tuesday- off to create!


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