Friday, July 12, 2013

Flashback Friday!

Hey there, happy Friday! 

I thought I would throw in a Flashback Friday today because
I was organizing photos and going through old pics and found these
photos- this one from 4 years ago! 
*where has the time gone*

A photo free layout using Jenni Bowling & Cosmo Cricket-
Not gonna lie I love me some JB and CC!

3 years ago in the summer- these homemade DRINK umbrellas- 
these actually ended up on television...I mean seriously how fun.
I didn't think anything of them but everyone loved them. 
And two years ago one my first publications- this fun BEE HAPPY card
which has a super funny story- so the original card I made I had given
away to Andrew's BOSS at work. 

Not kidding 4 days after they asked for it to be published...
I was in a scramble to find all the items and re-create the card. 
I TRIED to talk hubs into asking for it but he just said no LOL
What's a girl gotta do to get pubbed? LOL
Anyways a fun walk down memory lane- love looking into the past.

Happy Friday my friends!



Leslie Germain said...

Great projects. Love the bee happy card and the top layout!

Penny said...

I think you make some amazing beautiful projects! The same wind and rain that hit your garden flooded my daughter's home, it was a real mess. We don't live that far apart. Penny