Monday, July 22, 2013

Kindness in Crafting and Blessings in Life~

Good morning friends, 
I sat down this weekend after a baptism I attended and was
digging through old supplies from companies I worked for in the past
I was feeling soft and nostalgic and ran across this Kanban goodness. 
 I decided to make this card. 
When I begin crafting I ran across amazingly KIND people and I ran
across amazingly CRUEL people- some that welcomed me with open arms
and some that ridiculed and were beyond mean to me. 
I think it really shaped the kind of crafter I wanted to be. 
Always understanding and uplifting of others no matter how small the project
or how new the crafter. You know it all comes from the heart and it inspired me 
to make this card. One simple word that means so much- KINDNESS.
 When I see projects I just see the love and joy in the hands- 
sometimes it doesn't have to be on the cover of the next magazine
that is dying out- sometimes it's just that small touch and smile when you
open it up and see that someone took the time to make it...
just for YOU. I would encourage you to leave some kindness today. 
This card is going to be left at my local library for a stranger to find and use. 

I also snapped a couple photos of a real southern baptism we
attended this weekend of my friend Melody's and Daniels son. 
 Never been to a river baptism- it was beautiful.
Anything with family- can't miss it. 
Hope you have a wonderful Monday- full of kindness and love. 
Thanks for stopping by my friends! :) 

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Dana Lea said...

I love your card! You are an inspiration to me. I hate that you have had to encounter cruel people. I just don't understand why some people want to hurt others. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work and thoughts.