Tuesday, May 7, 2013

~Scrapbooking: What It Means To Me- Headed Forward And Looking Back~

Good morning friends, 

When I first became a scrapbooker it was a HUGE no no 
to scrapbook the pain, abuse, guilt, and anything not pretty in life.
Of course not being one to follow protocol I basically gave the finger to 
everyone who told me my work was not good enough and too taboo
and scrapbooked whatever was in my mind. 

It was the single best move for therapy in my life I can think of. 
That behind writing a "book" of all my memories of abuse and 
sending it to everyone I knew so I would not hide behind those secrets anymore. 

These pages brought back many memories so I thought 
I would share with you today instead of my normal new projects. :) 
I was cleaning up my computer this week and ran across these
old layouts from 2011.

This was a layout about the book I wrote purging myself of my abuse. 

And this was a layout to remember I am in fact strong and it's ok to 
be a little crazy too! LOL The whole layout sort of is ME. 

The words seen here "It's never really safe to be nostalgic about something
until you're absolutely sure there's no chance of it coming back" was a
constant reminder to myself that it's ok to look back at your family and the
life you had- because there is no chance of it coming back...I am surrounded by 
good now and all that pain and abuse is behind me....it's ok to look back but don't get 
sucked back into that revolving door of pain. 

I am super thankful for what scrapbooking has done for my life. 
Thas is scrapbooking to me!



Avocado Arts said...

Love this friend...LOVE YOU <3

Ziggyeor said...

I loved these pages and that you do things that break the rules!