Wednesday, May 22, 2013

~Last Week Of School~

Good morning!
Seriously could the last week of school be any more hectic?? I mean
we are MID baseball season plus the last week of school and I am swamped! LOL

I keep wanting to sit down and craft but it escapes me!!
So I thought I would share a few photos from my week instead! :) 

Yesterday we planted my garden- yes it is late but the man
at the garden center said everyone's is because it has been horrible weather. 
So I am happy it's in! :) 
Saturday night I got all gussied up for the theater...
Me and 4 of the best gals I know went to see SPANK!

 If you don't mind humor- was pretty much the best thing I have  ever
seen in my entire life! Plus these gals made it so much fun! 
I LOVE this and them. Next to meeting Jenny Lawson this was the best.
 Bounce back to last-night when my boy graduated 5th grade with TOP HONORS!
I mean he blew my mind! He won medals and awards in so many things
LOVE this kid so much-
 Skip back to Sunday and we had a wonderful birthday party for our
dear friends the Close Family- OMG it was the best time I have had in ages!
We all played (except me the shutterbug) seriously the best. 

Oh and Monday I went to take photos of the Dragons Team! 
I am loving taking sports photos.

I mean you can see why crafting has not happened- it has been 
one hell of a week in the Hobbs home- Pictures over 2500!
Activities and games- love me some May!

Have a beautiful day- I am off to my son's field trip- good times!!!!! :) 


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Ziggyeor said...

Well if things ever do settle down you'll have tons of pics to scrap!