Wednesday, May 1, 2013

NEW Kit- NEW Album! Jenny Lawson trip!!

Good morning!!!!
Not going to lie to ya, right now...just know you 
WILL be seeing about 3 more of these albums with these same photos LOL

Basically I intend on making 5 in total so each one of my gf's from
this trip get one. AND each time I look at the photos I relive
the trip all over again- I love me some Jenny Lawson, just sayin'.
 So this mini album is about 6X12" and it is the All Mixed Up album
from Clear Scraps....OHHH OH OH and the best part??
 All I had to do was decide how I wanted to assemble it.
 The whole kit is about friendship, love, loyalty, and being beautiful
and real plus could I not scrap these amazing women??
 They all make me devastatingly happy and they are all amazing
real friends who I am so grateful for. 
 Plus Jenny...hello total amazeballs!!!! She loves me...I know it. 
 Don't tell anyone but I am SURE she secretly stalks my blog thinking
of ways to be crafty like me!! I just feel it in my bones....
 Ok probably not but a girl can wish right??
 Anyways it was an amazing kit and a beautiful fun theme for sure!!
 So the last one was MINI MINI what do you think of this one?
I like the larger size :) 
Ok I am off to get busy, I am excited about my class starting like now...
Join me with these fun cards! 4 cards in a week only 14.00! :) 
I am using Clear Scraps acrylic and Avocado Arts stamps!

That's it for me today! 
Have a great Hump Day!! 


Leslie Germain said...
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Leslie Germain said...

Love your album. How nice that you are making one for each of your friends. (typo in the last one).

Dorothy said...

This turned out really great!!

Ziggyeor said...

Very cute! I'm sure Jenny does stalk your blog too :) I think it would be a riot if she took a pic of that robot taxidermied mouse and scrap-booked it!