Tuesday, October 9, 2012

~*NEW* Jinger Adams Paper/Project!!~

Morning my crafty peeps! :)
Before I start I want to ask you send some love and prayers
to Debi (Candy Rosenburg's mom) and my friend Lindy. 
Lindy's going in for testing today and has survived Cancer
and Debi has been in Chemo- October is breast cancer awareness month
but all Cancer SUCKS!
So send the power of your love today, to anyone who is struggling. 

Ok on to crafting-
I am definitely in the mood for fall in the chilly morning air today. 
I am pretty excited today because yesterday I was featured on the 

Now this is a fun time!
Not only does she have super fun paper pads, but also these really beautiful 
ribbons...and...yes AND SHOES! :) 
Hello FUN right?!
I also used the Avocado Arts Stamp for October- LOVE IT.
You can check out my feature here-
I'd love a comment or two :) 

Ok off to get these kids....half day today!
Happy Tuesday my friends~


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