Monday, August 20, 2012

You could win! :) *Jinger Adams*

Good morning my crafty friends, 
I wanted to share the new papers from Jinger Adams today...
because she is giving away a pair of flip flops on her blog! 
(Yes she has a line of shoes too) :)

At the show she gave away flip-flops that have the patterns of the paper printed on them. Here is what One of them looked like.



Nanabells said...

Thanks for the reference. Those are beautiful papers, especially the ones with PURPLE!! I'm to purple like you are to pink, except that I don't have the courage to color my hair (and I'm sure it's in my work dress code that I can't have purple hair ha ha) but I do have a purple wig I wear at Halloween :-)

Heather said...

Cristal, I love all your cards. You are such an inspiration for me and card making!
~Heather V