Monday, August 13, 2012

~Best Thing EVAH! + Back To School~

Good morning my friends, 
In case you hadn't noticed I took a few days off last week, 
I had to give myself some times to get these chickens of mine back to school!
Let me share this new Easel card, then I'll post photos of the kids below. 

Today I wanted to share these Easel Cards from Globecraft Memories.
 I created this card and a short tutorial for Globecraft
They are fun little cards to make and completely unique!
Oh and this FUNNY adorable stamp you ask? 
Yep it's those ATTITUDE stamps from Pink By Design! You know 
the ones my gf made with a few of my quotes. :)  
 And the card itself was entirely the August Barn Door Kit...
I love the vintage retro feel to it. 
Go to Globecraft and check out the way these Easel Cards work..they are fun time!

Ok on to personal stuff :) (See how I posted all the crafty
first so no one has to bother with my personal stuff-hehehe)
It seems like this summer was literally non-stop and I am ready
to be back on a schedule again. Also a few weeks ago we had a car malfunction,
it's come time to buy a new car, so after much stress and struggle we got
out hands on a used car, all in all it just set me back in blogging! LOL

 *Funny Story* All the kids in school are so anxious to get back in their new
clothes, all dolled up...NOT MY BOYS! LOL They picked the OLDEST clothing
(even thought I had bought new) their old faves and insisted on wearing them LOL
 Nonetheless I grabbed a couple photos :) Entering 3RD grade!
 And the LAST year in Elementary School for my middle boy...5th grade! :) 
They grow up SO FAST!
I will post a photo of my car tomorrow after I grab one :) 
Happy Monday everyone!



Elisabeth said...

Very pretty card. The vintage feel is fabulous. Ahhh, back to school. Mine starts on Tuesday - but being all girly, she has picked out her outfit already. Sigh.

Dot said...

Very pretty design! School starts this early! WOW!

Rachel said...

Very beautiful card! You are so very talented! And your kids seem SSOO excited to go to school, sort of :)
www chatteringrobins blogspot com

Kray said...

Very pretty!