Tuesday, August 7, 2012

~New Glasses & NEW CHA Releases!!~

Good morning my friends, 
I FINALLY gor my new glasses(my first REAL glasses) Sunday night. 
They are pink with little hearts on the side...(I mean did you expect anything less?) LOL
So far they still make me queasy but apparently I need them because I 
can officially read the TV Guide on TV now! WOOT! Good stuff...
oh that and seeing what time it is...LOL

Ok I have had these sitting in my photo booth for a few weeks now
the pictures are not picture perfect because I was in a rush to get them out
for CHA, but you have to check out the NEW Ornament Globes
They have them for Halloween too, and many other holidays!
LOVE me some Globe Ornaments. 
On this one I added pearl pen and wrote "Dear Santa" on the globe.

 For this one I added a Clearsnap Design Adhesive and Glitter.

 And on these two I stamped the words BELIEVE and PEACE
using my StazOn and Pink By Design Stamps.

 They really are fun, go check them out! 

 Ok I am off to tend to the kids, who are fighting like cats and dogs this week.
I think they know school is coming, and believe me so do I! :)
Happy Tuesday friends~

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