Thursday, August 2, 2012

~Adopted Girlyness~

Good morning my crafty friends,

I was a busy bee this week! :) 
You know last week I was working on purses, and this week
my gf Hayley called and asked me to make sweet P a birthday dress
with a #2. When I went to find a pattern I decided to make not just the 
birthday dress but dresses for all her little girlyfriends too! :) 
I called the moms and we found the right fabric for each chikita banana,
and I got to work. Now I am working on the headbands, but I think they are adorable!
I will try to get a photo of them in the dresses when I am all done with the accessories. 
Fun times! :) 

Happy Thursday my friends~

1 comment:

Kelly Sas said...

These are just so adorable. Pinky, you are such a blessing to anyone you happen to be friends with. I pray someday we will get to meet.