Monday, May 3, 2010

~More reveals, update on TN life~

Good morning my amazing friends.
I went to bed last night with heavy rain, thunder, lightning and
a flooded yard. Safe but a little worried.
I woke up to sunshine and some mist from all the wet.

No sign of our chickens, it's hard to even type about it because
I watched my husband run his car back and forth over
all the surrounding areas for hours and hours yesterday.
He did not give up looking until after 4pm.
We are at a complete loss as to what happened or where they are?
No sign of attack, just a few feathers in the coop but that is normal,
no sign of entry, the gate was locked tight.
I have one last hope they might have gotten blown away or
ran for cover and are coming back?
I will keep y'all updated.
I have no right to be upset, we are VERY blessed, we have
our home and we are dry which is more than I can say for so many
who lost their home, lives, and are still in shelters in TN.

1 day behind on my reveals for Scrapbooking From The Inside Out
and the May kit "Anticipation"
I loved the color scheme for this kit, and
it made me think tropical so of course I had to scrap Hawaii.The Aloha card part I drew with my Cri-Kit pens and then misted it
with my Smooch Spritz (I need to get more I am out!)
Then I added the title and stickled it....I am officially a stickle whore I think LOLThis was a fun kit to work with.

Today I am praying the yard dries out,
the schools have all been closed so I will spend the day with my
beautiful boys and maybe even bake a bit.

~Thank you all for the support yesterday and your genuine kindness
and sweet comments. I really needed/appreciated them~

~Happy Monday~


sandyh50 said...

I am so thankful you did not get flooded. I have no chicken experience so I have no idea what happened to your chickens. Hugs to you!

TeenaBugg38 said...

Oh girl....I have been thinking about you and raying ya'll would be safe! How awful! Middle Tenn has really been clobbered by the rain! Here in Knoxville it hasn't been bad, we live right smack in the valley between 2 mtns so any kind of nasty weather usually bypasses us completely. When we do get nasty weather you can bet the surrounding areas have gotten it way worse!. I hope the chickens turn up! It's bad enough they disappeared but I think the hardest, strangest part is just wondering what happened to em in the first place!
Hang in there friend.....hopefully you will see the rainbow soon :)

StampinCathy said...

Your page is fabulous and just love the bling bling. Glad to hear your family is ok. We were lucky too, but we have some family that wasn't, but are safe. Two days we will always remember.

Helen said...

Glad you are safe! I hope you have a wonderful day with your boys.

Love the page--I might be right there with you about the stickles--I use them all the time!!

kellystar said...

"a stickle whore"...Tim Holtz would be so proud, don't you think?

Hope you find those chickies! Doesn't everyone in Tennessee know the orange and green chicks belong to you? Prayers for you...

Pinky said...

bwhahahah Kelly! They should right?! LOL

patty w said...

Just came to check up on you and see if you were ok !

Glad you are and fingers crossed that that the chicks come back to the roost !


rosegarden - Laura Fiskateer 5939 said...

Awww Pinky, I'm sorry the chickens haven't come back yet.

Stickles Whore - is that what I am too? Hmmmm, I do love my stickles.

I am glad you are safe and sound. Rebecca was looking for a status from the KY and TN folks at Fiskateers. You may want to let everyone know you are okay. Hugs

Catherine said...

Great Layouts! I'm a Stickles Whore too. I just wish they would dry faster! I hope your chickens come back :(

Kim said...

OMG!! Stickle Whore?!?! I am SOOO LOL!! I have thinking about you and saying a prayer that them chicks come back to you! I am SOO going to miss the pics and stories! Sorry to hear about the devastation near you, stay safe and enjoy the day with your boys. Will you make me some peanut butter cookies? sounds YUMMY right now!! Have a GREAT Day!

Sandra Wilson said...

I am praying for your family as many others here in TN. We are out in the county of Portland, north on Nashville. All the streams and creeks are so far above flood stage. Our phone and internet are out because the main boxes are under water near one of the creeks. I had to call Verizon and activate my wireless internet, just to be able to keep in touch. All land lines are out. TG for cellphones. I hope you find your little chickies. It is so easy to get attached and they are so incredibly cute. Take care and see you in a few weeks in KY. Any help I can give you just let me know.Sandra

scrapbookmom79 said...

Glad you aren't one of the ones who got flooded out...hope you figure out what happened to your chickens. Have a Happy (dry) Monday!

Liz said...

Very sad I bet the boys are sad to ..
I hope you find them and they come out.
Mother Nature I swear.

Dawn said...

So sad all the loss and families affected.I am so happy you and your family are safe. I hope you find an answer to the chicken being gone.
Sweetie your project is wonderful and such yummy papers and colors!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Thank God you all are okay Pinky. It must be hell not knowing WHAT happened to the chicks, I feel awful for you guys....

Pam said...

Thankful that you and your family are all safe and sound. I live down here outside of Millington/Bartlett area, so many not as fortunate. All are in our prayers as I am sure in yours.

Lynne said...

So glad to hear that you & your family are safe, and have not been flooded in!!
Sorry to hear about the chickens, hopefully they'll turn up.
Love the LO....stickle whore?..... wow......I guess I'm one too!!

Kim. said...

I am glad to hear that you and your family are all safe and dry. I hope your hunch about the chickens may be right. Thinking of you all at this difficult time.
Kim xXx