Thursday, May 6, 2010

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Good morning my amazingly crafty friends,
are you ready for Mothers Day?? OMG I was totally unprepared!
My husband came in the other day and said "Honey, do you know what Sunday is?"
I said "YES! We are going to the Ren FEST! Finally after 2 years I get to
see that castle" He said "NO what day is it?"
I replied..."Sunday??" hehehe I had no clue Mother's Day was this Sunday.

So I grabbed my Sassafras Lass papers and made this card for his mother.
I hope it arrives in time! Once again *Disclaimer* I am not a card maker! LOL
Now it is a running joke with hubby and I because he ass me to make so
many cards, he gets quite a laugh out of it!As broken hearted as I feel I wanted to introduce you to
our new chicks...they have not fully feathered, they are about 3 to 4 weeks
younger then our last chickens.
I spoke with several neighbors and they have
all come together so nicely and been so sweet about our loss.
Neighbors whom we have never met have stopped by and said
"So sorry about your chicks" genuinely concerned. husband had the amazing idea of not getting baby chicks,
but instead looking on Craigslist to find pullets that are a few weeks old.
Bypassing the the in house chickens...

HUGE Mistake! LOL
If you have never used Craigslist, let me just say, you are missing
out on so many crazies! LOL EVERY single time I use Craiglist
I leave hysterically laughing and amazed by who I meet!
We drove OVER and hour to meet this woman who told my husband she
was on a hill with a barn....let me tell you something...I know what a barn
is and this was NOT a barn! LOL
It looked to be 150 years old and falling off to one side.
Hubby neglected to tell me that she said "Be careful of the driveway"
As he RAMMED up the steep hill and we completely
bottomed out the minivan, he says"Oops, she said the driveway was bad"
UMMM hello??? BAD??? Honey you don't bottom out on a BAD driveway
you bottom out in a horror movie where people are going to eat you!
Right then I knew LOL.
I felt a little bit safer when a little girl ran out in nothing but
a t-shirt and rubber boots, she must have been 5 or so,
then her brother came out followed by
2 dogs and a DONKEY, yes a donkey! LOL
We left the van at the bottom of the driveway and started walking up the
long steep BAD driveway and the smell hits me.
Now mind you I am a farm girl I am by no means shocked by smells...
but this smell ...Oh my!
When I say she had over 200 chickens in her house and over 200 in pens
She proudly pointed out her "free range" chickens, which were the 50 or so
running "FREE" in the 10X 10 shed on top of garbage and tires.
With dogs and children ducking in and out.
We went inside *cough cough* ducking to get in and found her pen of pullets
and she told us these were for sale so I picked one up...
suddenly she SCREAMS OUT (and I so mean screams) NOOOOOOOOO
NOOOOOOO as I freak out and drop the poor chick on it's head
and she says calm as can be "Not her she is not for sale"
LORDY woman gave me a heart attack!

I am telling you I dd not pick up one dang chicken after that, you
could not pay me 1000.00 to pick up a chick around her ever again LOL

There is s much more than I can type and tell you, it would take
2 pages...but in the end after she spoke to the chicks about leaving
each one for at least 10 minutes, we left over 1 hour later with
10 chickens...and I like to feel we rescued those chickens.

The white headed one is the baby and she is my favorite.
I miss my calm leghorns though. They always ran to me when I came out,
these ones are more wild and it wll take time to make them calm.
It is a bittersweet day for our family.

Here's to hoping no one else feels the need
to take my chickens :) And the neighbors watch out for us
like I suspect they will from now on.

OK on to scrappy good stuff
TOMORROW: Be here! Clearscraps Blog Hop!!!!
PRIZES! FUN! ME! :) hehehe

Blog hop also coming up next week for Scrapbooking From
The Inside Out! Plus a CROP on Saturday hosted by ME! :)

So stay tuned, you won't want to miss these fun events!
Thanks for popping by to say hi
~Have a beautifully crafty Thursday~


Jenni said...

Oh come on two pages won't take you that long! I think you did the chicks a favor for sure!

Anonymous said...

The only dealings I've had with craigslist have been prostitutions stings. Ok..that sounded bad. I wasn't using craigslist. I was at work and had to handle all the people who were arrested.

Each story I hear makes me run far far away from craigslist.

Glad you got your chickens though. Sorry about the loss of your other ones. :( So sad when we lose animal family.

Eva said... I am reading your chicken story...I am so picturing everything you said, well, minus the smell...I grew up on farm, so I am VERY familiar...hehehe..although not like the farm you mentioned...hehehe. So glad you got your chickens and they are adorable!!!!

And you know your card is just fabulous, too!!! I personally love it and I bet your hubby's Mom will love it, too!

Darlene Servolini said...

This totally cracked me up!! How funny was that story?? It would make a HILARIOUS skit! :)

super fun card! :)

Hestia's Helper said...

Oh Pinky! What a riot! I was riding up that driveway with you the whole while... (-: You have great story-telling skills and it's too bad you couldn't share the rest!
Amazed you could get her to part with them... good for you and better for them, I'm thinkin'...

BeeLinda said...

Holy moly, now that is a craigslist story! I've used Craigslist quite a few times and have yet to hit any crazies, I guess you gotta venture out of the city and into the country to get them.

I wonder what she did to the chicken you dropped on its head after you left, I bet thats a riot of a story right there!

Glad you got some new chickies in time for Mother's Day. I'm sure you'll be a better mother to them then their previous crazy one.

DeeAnn said...

You always have the funniest stories. I am in the South too, right in the hills. I love hill people. You can write stories about them all day long and never run out of subjects, lol.

Don't even get me started on Craig's List, ROFL! I can write stories all day long on that subject too.

I was hoping your chickens returned. I hope they are safe and happy. Poor little things.

I love your new babies. They are awfully precious. I am so glad you rescued them from the crazed chicken lady. I can tell you I would have taken the donkey too. I love donkeys and they do not need to be living with crazed chicken ladies, lol.

I hope you have a great time at RenFest. I am so jealous you get to attend one in a real life castle. I have a lot of friends who do RenFest in Missouri but it's in a cow pasture. Granted they bought the cow pasture. Every time I go I can't get over it's a cow pasture.

scrapbookmom79 said...

we have met some crazy people from craigslist as well, but your story takes the cake!! Glad you got your new chicks!!

Kim said...

WOOHOO!! Chicken Stories!! LOVE IT!! I had such a GREAT Laugh from your story, I can ONLY imagine what you didn't say! LOL! Have a GREAT Day, can't wait to watch them chicks grow and hear more stories!

Jocelyn said...

Oh could write a book....I was laughing at the thought of the driveway, the smells and the women screaming!!! Dear Lord those poor children living in that environment and a DONKEY???? WTHeck!!!

So glad you got your new chickies.....they will be running up to your very soon!!!

Enjoy your day sweet friend!!!

It's Jenn! said...

HIlarious story....I love Craigslist, hehehe. As long as I'm not meeting a seller alone =)If my hubby's not around, I swear I'll snag one of his friends to take along with me....there really are some loonies out there. Ahhh variety is the spice of life no? hehehe!

Helen said...

Oh my word! I would love to hear the rest--sounds very interesting! I have not used craigslist and not sure I'm up for it.

I am glad you have some new chicks and your card is beautiful!

~HappyScrappinMama~ said...

Hilarious!!! Craigslist is quite humorous, so of the ads people post are even more crazy! I would love to hear the rest of your story...LOL I wish you all the best with your new chicks! Can't wait for tomarrow! I love blog hops!

Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

Sorry for the loss of your other cute little chicks, but ROFL! I can just picture it. Sure sounds like you rescued those chicks to me... a DONKEY coming out of the HOUSE... what in the world!?? Anyhwho!, your card is just perfect... you are in fact a card maker. As for craigslist I have had 3 people try to scam me out of money (I am trying to sell countertops) It is amazing what these dirt-bags will try. Good luck with the new chickies!

Southernbelle said...

Yay!!! New chickens! I'm so happy for ya! I know losing the first ones is so tough, but I hope these will help fill that void. They sure are cute!!!

Funny story too! I can just picture that in my head! LOL

Hugs gf!

MoMo sprnany said...

Wow sounds like your craiglist meeting was one for the books! lol I'm glad you have more chickens! Have a great day!

Kim. said...

Your card is great but I am afraid the chicks have up staged you lol. I really hope these will stay and have what must be a happier life than they sure had before from your story.
Kim xXx

Sunshine and Shadows said...

I think you rescued the chickens as well. I hope you have a better experience with these chickens.

Cheryl Kosakura said...

What a funny story!
Congrats on getting your new little chicks and thanks for the laugh!

gottaluvboyz said...

OMGoodness, what a story about your Craigslist experience. So sorry about your previous chickens. FYI...your card rocks! Your MIL will love it:) Happy Mother's Day!

BarefootFairyMum said...

You didn't get any pictures from the crazy farm? ;) That could be an interesting layout...LOL

Lori said...

This is the first time I've stopped by our blog. Thanks for giving me a great laugh this morning. I don't deal with craigslist as I've heard too many horror stories. Oh, and I love your card as well. I'm sure your hubby's mom will love it!

TT said...

I love hearing your stories about the chicks especially. Tell us more. I just laughed and laughed.

Kathy said...

Now this read like a good novel! Can't wait for the next chapter.

Good luck with your new chicks.