Thursday, May 13, 2010

~For anyone interested in helping Nashville, TN Pass it on~

This story is my state,
this story is my friends,
this story is my area.

Many of you know I live in Middle TN,
I was speaking with a friend today crying on the phone
telling her how bad it really is in this area.
We live outside Nashville in Murfreesboro, TN and we still have 6 impassable
roads along with hundreds of homes still under water.
When I drove to Lebanon last week, we saw people
standing outside in nothing but shorts dragging all of their belongings to the street to be hauled off forever, which included furniture, mementos, pictures....basically their entire life.

We drove by homes with only the rooftops showing,
with children standing on the edge of the water with nowhere else to go.

I could not even bring myself to photograph because it is so close to my
heart and so painful still.

There is not much I can do personally, but we did go through the
boys clothing and donated all we could. We bought
supplies for cleaning and donated them.

My friend on the phone said "Pinky! Go blog this! make a difference, go and help!!"
She was so right, I cannot believe it never occurred to me.

Our local school has had 2 families at least who have lost EVERYTHING
in Nashville they have students who have NO CLOTHING at all!!
The teachers took them to WalMart and bought them clothing.

If you send them to me I will take them to the schools
in Murfreesboro and Nashville and I will donate them and
get them to people who need them!
We can make a difference, please pass this blog along
to anyone who wants to donate.
Even a 5.00 t-shirt will make a difference.

I don't want your money, I just want to help those
kids who have nothing left including clothing and shoes.

email me here for a physical address
My heart breaks for all these families and I am only one person.
But if we all work together we ca make a BIG difference!

This is the first day of flooding a video

everyone is doing the best they can, I don't think people understand how many of us in Middle TN were affected..many towns...Murfreesboro, Hermatige, Symrna, Clarksville, Mill Creek, Nashville, Lebanon...just to name a few that had hundreds of millions in damage.

The football team of Titans were in the local neighborhoods yesterday
tearing down walls and helping, people from KY, AL, GA have come
to TN with boats to help rescue.

They found another body today 11 days later it was sad
and they are still looking.every day there is so much sadness and so much hope
seeing everyone work together.
Schools in Nashville some are open with no dress code because
of the clothing problem. Some are closed the
rest of the year because there is no way to clean up enough.

If you help, I will get the items to the right place....please pass this blog
along to anyone you know that might be able to help.

I am so blessed, we are safe and sound in our home.
Thank you for your help.


TeenaBugg38 said...

I am in Knoxville. And let me tell everyone this could have very easily been matter where you are! I would be willing to be a local drop off point here in East Tenn and would make sure to get these things to those in need in Nashville. Anyone in East Tn can contact me as breaks my heart to think of those people who have lost everything and those poor children.

MoMo sprnany said...

I'm reposting this blog Pinky, Thank you for making sure I appreciate who and what I have...I will keep all those in troubled times in my heart and prayers. Be Well

nancy said...

I'll link this post for you tonight, Pinky. My thoughts are with Tennessee!

Terena said...

Pinky, what is a shame is that there hasn't been the national coverage of here in Nashville like other disasters. We did go take pictures on Tuesday afterwards and it was amazing. We were affected here in Mt. Juliet also.

Pinky said...

I know every town was hit around here, it is so sad