Tuesday, March 30, 2010

~Crafty new adventures...SVG files! Yea...new Cricut fun!~

Good morning my lovely online friends,
I am so excited about my new Cricut and even more excited to begin
creating new cutting files!
Today I have a few things to share,
one being a new card I made with the Pens from Cri-Kit!
WOOHOO!~ They are so much fun.
So I cut this card using my Cricut, then I used the Metallic pens to write
the Happy Easter, then I glittered inside the letters.
Basically it's like having a very cool stamp in 100's of shapes!
Of course I used my Helmar 450 on the ruffle
and the Zapdots on the butterflies. I am all about dimension this week!I love these pens!
Stay tuned all this week and next, I have some pens to giveaway
and more Giveaways coming!

The next is my very first SVG files!
If you click on the picture you can download and use them.Later on I will make a separate page for SVG files, I am just sharing today.
Shaped Paper
Film Strip Frame
I hope you let people know I am now making SVG files! :)
I am going to have fun making them I am sure of it!

That's all for me today, I have to plan for the kids on Easter,
and plant some Hyacinths today (thanks to a friend).
I am going to line the front porch with them! YEA!

~Have a beautiful day~
~Thank you for stopping by to say hey~

Don't forget tomorrow I will have the paper pad WINNER
and hopefully a NEW giveaway on!
Tell your friends about the SVG files :)


Jocelyn said...

Love these and thank you!!!

Wishing you a great day!!!

...Tara... said...

I just recently got the make the cut program and have been searching like crazy for svg files :) I love the film strip!! Thanks so much!

Helen said...

Love the card!!

Pinky said...

Thanks guys, I will be making MORE I mean 100's LOL

Dayna said...

Adorable little egg!!!

Southernbelle said...

Awesome card gf! I love how you used the gelly pens! Love your staging too! Too bad a chick wouldn't sit still next to it! How cute would that be too! Tee Hee! ;)

I LOVE the new SVG's gf! I think they are great! I will go and blog about it now for ya on my own blogs! I know people will love these! Fabulous!

Big hugs!

Colleen said...

Cute card. I don't have the ability to use svg files with my cricut, not sure why I am holding back, maybe after I get an Expression instead of just having the baby. Have fun with your svg files

kmassman said...

Love your card! Fun colors!

Heather said...

Your card is adorable! and I agree with the cri-kits pens. I love mine! I look forward to seeing more of your svg's.

Tracy said...

Cute card

Roni said...

wow thank you!!!! You are talented!

Tona said...

Love your card! It's just too cute.
Okay, here's my admission of lack of tech knowledge. What's an SVG file & what would I do with it?

Melissa'sScrappenPlace said...

Your card is adorable and I love your SVG files!! Thank you so much for sharing. I just signed up to follow you.

Pinky said...

Hey Tona, the SVG files are for people who use Cricut and Scal software so they can cut their own files. Now they can cut what I am sharing

Gloria said...

You are so talented chicky. Thanks for creating the SVG's. I shall hound you for plenty of them. lol lol Got to love the cricut.

Lynne said...

Gorgeous card!! Love the files!! Will have to get SCAL. Don't know why I'm hesitating on this!!

Courtney Milburn said...

Love this card! I see your from TN too! I am from Fairview!